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Welfare Addiction

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Working Americans Are Sick of Welfare

The Entitlement Class: are those American citizens that feel like they should get a check in the mailbox each month from the government to pay for just about everything in their life.

Many of them are 3rd, 4th and 5th generation Entitlement addicted individuals that can’t see that the glass is half full, just as half empty, so helping them, getting them off of public assistance in its many forms, is going to be a very hard habit for them to break.

They are going to be downright pissed off that the free entitlement checks are going to slow down to a stop over time. Maybe we sell the right to A&E to cover the en masse Intervention and make some cash for the government for a change?

An intervention, for fyi’s, is where a group of people have to sit, many times, a drug addict down, and tell them, “hey, you have to clean up or you are not going to make it.”

The Working Class, the cluster of lower and middle class people that tend to work the 40-80 plus hour work week to support the Entitlement Class, have, from what I can tell, pretty much had it with them.

Now, we, the Working Class dogs, can’t afford their antics anymore, and have to, literally have to attack every way that they drain our fiscal and other related resources.

There is not an abundance of taxpayer cash anymore to pay for someone’s 4th through 6th illegitimate children anymore, it’s gone, and likely won’t be back for quite some time.

There are a series of articles here in regard to Entitlement Class Reforms, in which, many times, they are tied to the War on Crime, or Drugs, or whatever the media calls it this week.


Voting Conflict of Interest and
Entitlement Programs

If you have been continually on a entitlement program for the last five, six, ten years, should you be able to vote?
A citizen noted that the problem with the politicians using more MORE ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS AS A BAIT AND SWITCH LURE, are that the people that abuse the heack out of the programs, “just vote in more politicians that will give them the most free shit,” in which he then hit something with a baseball bat to visually display his apparent aggravation.

Until 1913, the state legislatures actually voted on and sent who they thought would best represent the states in the federal government.

Did you know that?

Was there a reason that the founding fathers did that?

As we need less and less entitlement programs, politicians that promise more and more types of entitlement programs should be removed from office via the voting booth.

IF XYZ GETS ELECTED… is the video of Peggy Joseph, who infamously said, if Obama gets elected, she won’t have to worry about her Mortgage, gasoline if she helps Obama, he is going to help her.

I wonder how that is going.


Personal Attacks and Public Humiliation: Herding The Good Sheeple

Thursday, December 15th, 2011
Public Humiliation of Candidates

Keep The Sheep In Line


So, here I am, asking “normal everyday” people to run for office, across city, county and even the “f” word offices, federal, and most don’t.

Not because of feeling that they have one way or another in regard to how things can be fixed.

Not because of the pay.

Not because of the benefits.

They don’t run for office because of the public humiliation by the national, regional and local news media.

They are worried that their family will face attack and public embarrassment, and decide not to even run at all. When I spoke to people in regard to if they would run for office, this was a resounding message, again, and again, and again.

Where is the dirt story on Candidate X?, which is more like Hollywood entertainment news vs. where they actually stand on the top 10 or so issues at hand, that, is kind of, forgotten many times.


HOW DARE…how dare a national presidential candidate go outside the lines, and not pick a candidate that has not gone thru a news vulture personal history hack job.

The news media, special interest groups opposed to Palin and others took planes, trains and automobiles to Alaska upon her being put on the ticket for president, not to see where she stood on the issues, but to destroy her in any way possible in regard to any element in her life.

They came up with, well, not much.

I wonder how much money they spent on the trophy hunt that didn’t produce that knockout story, like, “Palin did a keg handstand at age 16,” or “Palin made out with a senior while being a junior in highschool,” you know, important stuff like that, that the American public needs to know.

The Axe Man
Another thing that really pisses me off are the professional politicians that have to use their junior aids, or workers as axe men.

“The communications officer for The Career Politician for Governor” camp said that you did (insert claim here that has nothing to do with the race, be it true, false or quite a bend in the truth)…in which, the old pros mud sling, cut each others throats and otherwise try to drown each other in a pool of pee, which to me:

Still does not show me where they stand on what is important…

Shows that they lived a life vs. being sheltered by their mamas…

Are human…

When I filed for office, I thought about emailing a pic of myself in a red speedo to all of the news agencies to just get it over with and move along to the topics at hand.

I want a human and not one of these career ass clowns to represent me in all levels of government. Dudley Do Rights that haven’t done anything, and I mean anything, other than pad their resume and build up their political base since being a freshman in college SUCK.

They have no idea what a real job is, not working outside of politics for a paycheck for over 10 years.

They have no idea what it is like to physically toil 12-14 hours a day in the sun for a living.

Many of them are second or third generation professional politicians, which is only worse.



Given, not everyone goes to YOUTUBE, or even uses the internet, but, with a 100 dollar camera, and time, you can show the public directly where you stand on topic, after topic, after topic.

Yes, your rivals can take a snip-it and try to spin it, but, the truth is out there. People will find your entry if you do it right, and if entered into some good emails to the right people, can greatly help you get the word out.

Don’t let them, the professional politicians or dirt farmers, keep you out of running for office.



So, still feel that you can’t run for office. Maybe you are somehow so stretched that you just can’t do it, no way.

Support someone, that will represent you, and not a major corporation.
Go and help them do something, do something to change the road that we are on.

Put a old school sign in your yard, hell, make a cardboard sign and put one in the yard if your candidate can’t afford them…

Get the word out in regard to the best candidate to help you, your family and friends in the coming, very, hard times…

Without your help, they can’t win, and champion your cause, your family, your children.

Here Lies You : What Will Your Legacy Be ?

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

What Will Your Legacy Be



What is your tombstone going to say? What are they going to say at your funeral?

“Here lies Hal. When things went really wrong, instead of standing up for his kids, he watched NFL most of the time that he was not at work.”


“Anne was a great woman. She had four kids, watched ABC 35 hours a week, and all four of her kids now in their mid 20’s and compete for 6.25 cent entry level customer service jobs”


“Mike really got riled up when the fiscal crisis hit. He yelled at the TV a lot, and sent out some nasty emails over it, and ate a lot of pizza.”


“Karen, a school teacher for four years after college, could not believe what she saw happening to the country, and decided to run for Senate for the State of Iowa. She then beat an incumbent, 16 year veteran for office, and then served in the US Senate for two terms, helping turn America around.”


“Rudy worked full time as a welder at 40 dollars an hour until the layoffs hit at the plant. He then started drinking heavily until his death four years later in a DUI accident.”


“Steven got laid off at the plant, and got really pissed off for a bit. He then took two jobs, and contacted 2000 of his other friends that got laid off, and talked 20 of them into running for office. Steven, and 3 of his friends were elected to office, in which, they helped make the area a better place to live.



Insert your paragraph here. Be honest.


Forced Downsizing of Professional Politicians (PRO-POLS)

Thursday, December 15th, 2011


So, we have 545 or so PRO-POLS that run the federal government, between the three branches of government.

We need to ensure that they truly understand how things are.

I saw a video clip of a female Senator, emphasizing that she understood how things were, in regard to being so bad, and that they were working on it.

This is what I recommend:

Monday morning, this coming Monday morning, have a lottery, with all 537 of their little names inside a ball.


18% of them, completely by random, are fired immediately to simulate the actual estimated levels of


CURRENT general unemployment.

Don’t clean out your desk, the office is locked, just take your briefcase, and your suit, and take this

Greyhound ticket, and go home to wherever you came from.




Anyone faces a 65% chance of early forced downsizing.

They are let go because there is a kid that just got out of college that can almost kinda try to do the job that they use to.

This is a mix of reducing payroll by firing all seniority along with a tinge of age discrimination.

Good luck getting a job now at 55 there Senator. Hope you have those envelopes of unmarked bills buried in the back yard for a rainy day.


On another 30% of them, just take their pay and reduce it by FORTY PERCENT, and just hand write them a note on a Big Chief Tablet piece of paper,

“You Are Now Underemployed (NAME).”

It has happened to hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Americans, why not 30% of “them.”
MAN, that would be great, wouldn’t it.

IF they applied that same standard, the standard that the American people are living in, to every federal agency that there is, the federal government would pass a brick.

Why are they so special?

Why are they exempt from the same tidal wave pool that they have generated?

I can see PRO-POLS being greatly downsized from both sides of the isle, very, very soon, if not, sooner.

Two quit in the last two days.




When the going gets tough, the corrupt, get going.

Welcome To Skynet : Building Your Childrens Cyber Hunters

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

THE CRUSHER... It dosent sleep, bleed, weep or care.


Right now, you are paying for a computer geek with weapons engineering knowledge, to design a better robot to kill your kids.

Yep, and I can prove it, right here, all with your tax money.

Skynet is the term used in The Terminator series to describe robots that became self aware, and went to war vs. humans.

Well, the military industrial complex in the USA is now designing almost the same items, with fiscal support from the US Military.

The problem is that these units can be hacked, their technology copied or stolen by foreign countries, and wala, you have version 3.0 in your front yard 15 years later hacking up your black lab.

THE CRUSHER: A rolling 6 wheeled killing machine.

This is a super smart vehicle that can literally crush you to death, hence THE CRUSHER, but don’t worry, if you have some range on it, it has a robotically mounted gun and long range camera on it to kill you.
BIG DOG: Boston dynamics robot with four legs, can traverse just about any kind of terrain.

They always show the supply version of it. The problem is when the directed machine gun is mounted on it instead of packs, that should draw your attention most..


Foster-Miller SWORDS TALON: Just think of it as a tank about the size of a large child’s wagon, that has a machine gun on it.

It is only 200 lbs, and with a “view” of what is going on via a remote camera, a computer program can then manage the unit, which is essentially remote robotics.


Heurai Mini Flying Helicopter w/Shotgun: If you can only imagine getting hit with a group of these, or smaller variants with handgun style loads firing at you, controlled, again, by remote view, which means, if a computer can “see” a image, it can fly it remotely.

Here is a handgun version of something similar to it from another company:


So anyway, we have these guys spending so much of our hard earned money on robots to kill things, again, my main concern, is that technology being utilized against citizens and soldiers of the USA.
The MQ9-REAPER is a huge UAV that is the size of an A-10 attack aircraft, and is remotely piloted.

Just recall, again, that this killing machine is currently remotely piloted, which means, that somewhere a group of computer programmers are working on a program to fly it using a robotic computer flight program.


Q?: OK NOW MAN, NOW WE ARE TALKING ABOUT ROBOTS AND CRAP, what does this have to do with anything in the USA?

I think that we have a huge ethics problem when you have any weapon system that can kill humans without requiring a human.



A smaller circle of individuals can control a “flying circus” of these robots vs. having humans do the same thing. I actually want humans in control of WAR, and not robots, but just call me chivalrous.

We will never know how much of our money is going towards this style of weapons due to black ops spending costs being blocked out to people that don’t matter, like citizens and the senate.

From 1776 to 1947, the senate knew what was being spent on what in regard to all military spending.

The only thing that I want pulling triggers on firearms en-masse are Americans, not some kind of flying, tracked or even worse, human like walking robots.


Who in 1975 would ever think that something like this would be a debate issue of sorts?


Shall We Play A Game? : Cyber Warfare At Its Highest Level

Thursday, December 15th, 2011



Wargames… aren’t games.

These are not platoon level war games played online, or simulations of nuclear exchanges between the superpowers, but actual computer based warfare.
The Chinese make more of our laptop/desktop computers, servers and network related computing hardware (with internal software), than anyone else.

The Chinese have attacked the Pentagon to test the wire, and literally have hundreds of thousands of organized and rogue hackers ready to attack our overall networks.


Iranian Nuke Sites

Their biggest setbacks, hackers.  Not bombs, or their nuclear engineers vehicles exploding on the way to work, but hackers.  I expect Iran to return the favor soon.


The Pearl Harbor of Cyber Warfare

When the USA attacked IRAQ, we did a bit of a dirty trick. We had sold them their long range anti-aircraft systems, called HAWK batteries, and right when we were launching aircraft to take out the HAWK systems, to gain free reign of the skys, we shut them off remotely via computer networks.

If you reverse war game an attack on the USA, also called TEAM B’ing it, things don’t look very good for the USA if the Chinese decide to REALLY GO ALL OUT on us in regard to cyber warfare. Computer geeks will indeed, rule the world, for a few hours.



What if this happened, in a time range of oh, at least 15 minutes during a normal Thursday, around noon central time.

Instead of taking off from an aircraft carrier parked off of Hawaii, it would be launched, from a nice, dark office somewhere deep in a cyber warfare bunker in the heart of China.

1015237950122837598037198057231974589382143 Attacks


A code is released across the world wide web, within computers shipped to America, that when activated within a computer hardware made in China, causes the device itself to overclock, to overspeed, to destroy itself over the matter of minutes, to a day or so if left powered up.

Those computers in America, targeted via their IP address, that were not made in China are also attacked by programs that cause the software to overheat the hardware, and also destroy itself over the next day or so due to overheating.

Daingiitttt!!! Raymond Is In My Home Computer Honey!!!

The software that runs on the “citizens” computers is attacked first, along, of course with the commercial computer clusters. They start malfunctioning, causing “goofy” problems and slow downs, but is actually there to mask the internal “fire grenade” style damage being done to the computer itself.

Right when the computer detects that the hardware is almost done destroying itself, it also ticks down the destruction of the saved information on the computer.

That mischief style program, if the computer is brought “back to speed” detects the new part, and melts it also.

Banks have their mega servers killed by this super computer virus and countdown code attack.
All things “citizen” that have a computer, have specific attack, designed just for their hardware and software systems, are killed.

The pump at the gas station, smoked hardware and software wise.

You knew that something is wrong, when go to the ATM machine, and your account balance is 235,385,903,235 and twenty three cents.

The next thing you know, the ATM is off, and it won’t be back on for “quite a while.”

They will attack the citizens first, to sink the economy in an hour and then turn their Cyber Armor towards the Pentagon. They don’t want the Pentagon flipping out until they are directly under attack.

Not Another Day At The Pentagon Water Cooler

The Chinese then specifically then move to destroy the pentagon, national security and other governmental computer networks. The above cited article notes that the Pentagon uses more than 5 million computers on 100,000 networks in 65 countries will be under attack by the most elite hackers..

Midway Fail

The thousands of Americans hired to reverse crack on the Chinese, that we have, are dead in the water with their Made in China router part that is giving off “that weird soldiering smell” as it is melting. “The road” computer wise, back to the Chinese hackers, has been destroyed or locked down, locking our response out.

The American hackers wonder how their supply of Mountain Dew and Cheesy Puffs will ever be replenished.

Mummy, Did You Say No More Ebay?

How computers talk to each other, the overall network infrastructure including the servers that maintain them as they, the attack, has burned the computers for the American businesses and homes, then the Pentagon, and the overall “modern internet,”the way they communicate to each other, is then destroyed.

The internet, and its servers, and their websites, stop.
No more ebay as usual.
No more work if you use a computer at work.
No electricity.
No TV.

Q?: Well Mr. Smarty Pants, big deal, the big fancy computer dork Apocalypse story, who cares man?

My point is, is that all computers, routers, servers and other related computer parts and components of our home, business, national defense and security networks should be made in the USA.

This also isn’t about China, this is about the corporate leaders of the USA putting the USA in this incredibly vulnerable position.


Slumdog Pakistan Nuclear Warheads: Or Why We Are Still In Afghanistan

Thursday, December 15th, 2011
Manportable Nukes

155 mm Man Portable Nuclear Weapon

Many people ask “why are we in Afghanistan” again, and again, and again.

Maybe its the income from the 80 Bil/year poppy fields that dark ops are running vis a vis Air America or Southern Air Transport?

Maybe its the mineral mining deposits there?

Maybe its for the control of the oil pipleline that was scheduled to be built across it just prior to 9/11.

Others speculate that it is just to have a base for an eastern front for IRAN in the future vs. their expanding nuclear proliferation efforts.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but what they are worried about are transportable nuclear warheads, one of the 110 Chinese Warheads or so that Pakistan has, falling into the hands of Moslem terrorists.

We, the USA have gone into Pakistan and tested their security for their nuclear sites, in which, their security level was an utter and complete FAIL.

Your tax money, in the hundreds of millions and millions of dollars is going to now try and strengthen defenses in and around nuclear sites there.

What the major concern and focus now, is a Moslem or a Moslem sympathizer would be able to “shoplift” or remove a nuke without having to have a team of terrorists hit a nuke site, having 2-5 nukes heading towards the USA shortly after being liberated.

Nuclear Explosion


It has been no secret that it is the goal of extremists to get a manpack (one person transportable), nuke into the USA and hit a city, or even multiple cities. Can you imagine how this would effect the USA?

What kind of an effect would a nuclear device have if they were able to get two of them to the west coast of the USA, and detonate one in LA and one in San Francisco on the same afternoon in July?

Now given, if the USA knew that there were two loose nukes from Pakistan, you would think that they would completely close the borders and push a containment area in regard to no travel through the pacific basin, but, what if they didn’t know if it was missing?… in regard to a “shoplifted slumdog nuke.”

Instant martial law.
Whoever was in office would be in office for quite some time

Cession of the use of things like the Senate and Congress (if DC was not hit itself as a second target).
Fallout from a ground blast raining across the USA with the hard fallout of course going up into the atmosphere and falling to the east.

Abdul Qadeer Khan, a leading Pakistani nuclear scientist even helped IRAN, NORTH KOREA and LYBIA develop weapon grade nuclear programs, in which, his punishment was house arrest.

He was just released from house arrest in Pakistan, in which, it is surprising that he has not woke up with a Columbian necktie on.

The Nuclear False Flag

This one is truly sick false flag.

Can you imagine how bad it would be to have a nation run a nuclear based false flag operation?
Pakistan, (or another country that does not have control of its nukes), either admits to “losing one” or losing control of one or more of them, then, it is leaked to the press, and wala, two days later, a nuclear device is detonated very close or actually within the USA to allow a regime to declare martial law and open Pandora’s box?
This is why when Russia fell apart, we went in with billions of dollars to help clean up the nuclear program, and try and figure out how many loose nuclear warheads were out there.



War gamers, at the Pentagon, and other related places to it, have likely war gamed the “Attack on Pakistan Nuclear Warhead Storage Sites” again, and again, and again, in regard to figuring out what to do, or how to deal with it.

In Iraq we are actually rope-a-doping, holding back our truly cutting edge weapons that you only catch hints of here and there.

When that “distress signal” goes out on one of their nuke sites, it would not surprise me one bit if the site itself doesn’t experience a “battlefield nuke” detonation to ensure that the area is secured for additional containment teams.

There are no easy answers to this dilemma.

IF we are in Afghanistan for any other reason in the world, other than to have bases to help quickly secure Pakistani nuke sites, I sure would like to know, along with ohhhhh 120,353,531 or so Americans.

The rest of the Americans are too busy watching TV to care.

The Battle of Wanat Afghanistan

Thursday, December 15th, 2011
Wanat: No Retreat

150-200 Taliban Fighters vs. Handfull of Americans and No Retreat/Surrender


What if we had a 18 congressmen and senators being hit by 150 Taliban, out in the middle of nowhere, in an un-defendable valley, for weeks, would things change?

It was July, and the troops were running out of frills, like, WATER.


Not high speed internet, or electricity, WATER.

is a link to watch it yourself.

150 Radicals vs. Handfull of Americans

This is a link to a video where 9 US Army soldiers were killed, stuck out in the middle of nowhere, with no timely support, in which, 9 of the 10 were killed after 15 months of constant combat in a village area called Wanat.

I wonder what would happen if we lost 9 long term, career politicians to 150 Taliban out in the middle of nowhere?

Would replace them with 18 more politicians??? Maybe throw in some 3 stars?

How could we ever replace the politicians?

The soldiers that are in the US Military are not just there to be cannon fodder. They are not just there to take their chances in regard to making it out physically without getting shot to bits.
It is clear from even this small report that every single element of leaving these guys out where they were, was a death sentence.

If we are just going to do that, just set servicepersons up like sitting ducks, why not just drop our two million felons that are in our prisons in lumps of 50 all over the place and arm them?

Here are the names of the servicepersons that were completely, utterly failed by the US Military. They, and their families, and children, deserved so much more.
3/4ths of the soldiers there, were killed at the scene

9 Soldiers Died For A Piece Of Land That
Was Left To The Enemy The Next Day

Jonathan P. Brostrom
Israel Garcia
Jonathan R. Ayers
Jason M. Bogar
Jason D. Hovater
Matthew B. Phillips
Pruitt A. Rainey
Gunnar W. Zwilling
Sergio S. Abad

You will not be forgotten…

The leadership command chain that left you high and dry, out in the middle of nowhere, will not be forgotten either.

Ending The Corrupt United Nations – UN

Thursday, December 15th, 2011
UN Condos -- Great Square Footage at 1/2 The Cost -- Now Showing

UN Condos -- Great Square Footage at 1/2 The Cost -- Now Showing

Dearest UN:

Thanks to Al Gore invented this thing called The Internet, if we need to talk to you and see you at the same time, we will do an internet video conference with you.
Please feel free to take this week to get all of your stuff out of your offices, and relocate back to your country of origin.

Contact your realtor and leasing agents, because your political VISA to enter the USA expires at the end of this month to allow you enough time to properly pack up your personal belongings.

IF we feel that we must all meet at the same place at once, for some unknown reason, feel free to meet us in Las Vegas, who has plenty of open rooms now because Americans have almost no income to go on vacations anywhere.

We just could not accept any more resolutions, agreements and other movements vs. the American people in regard to:

Trying to pick away at the 2nd Amendment
Sucking us into a newer version of Cap and Trade
Some really questionable health related initiatives
Control of our military

We could go on, and on, and on, in regard to corruption and the UN, but we have lots of work to do in the USA now.

It has been really nice having you as a guest in our country, but for now, it’s time for you to move on, and move out.





The End of Corrupt Foreign Aid

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Corruption Rules...

Billions of dollars go to foreign aid, from the American Taxpayers, to foreign governments overtly, unknown how much covertly in black ops style cash payoffs, and teachers don’t have money for classroom materials in the USA.

Our money is being used to buy new foreign military hardware, ridiculous projects and other Payoff Payback Scams.

What is a payoff, payback scam? Senator XYZ gets a foreign country a 5 billion dollars that calendar year in overt and covert funding from the American government, and then, under the table, they get 2-5% of it back in overt and covert cash.

Example.. from Free

“The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), spent $823,200 of economic stimulus funds in 2009 on a study by a UCLA research team to teach uncircumcised African men how to wash their genitals after having sex.”

How many American families had 100% of their taxes taken for this? How much of it made it back via Swiss and offshore bank accounts into the hands of American politicans?

WWMSD…What Would Main Street Do?
Shut off the flow of cash from our future generations to other countries.

Maybe the federal government should just send out some post cards to the overseas fat cats getting foreign aid, with a little reminder, kind of like the ones when you have your teeth cleaned.

Dear Fatcat Overseas Politican:

“Your Foreign Aid From the USA Last Year was 12 Billion Dollars.

This year, it will be 0 (zero) dollars.

Thank You,


The American Taxpayers