CHICKENHAWKS LEAD THE WAY... "Does this green uniform look tight on me"... Newt



Right now, we need embedded Senators, Congressmen, Whitehouse staff and other Chickenhawks in combat in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

For those of you that don’t know, Chickenhawks are people that talk big smack about doing this and doing that in regard to military operations, encouraging offensive military operations, but have zero minutes of time in the service.

Embedded to me, means that they are attacked to a front line, infantry style unit that is taking causalities each week.

Let them when they speak in congress, senate or the west lawn, speak from experience in regard to how well they are being supported in the field.

I think half on, half off would be good for all Federal Senators, Congressmen and all Whitehouse staff, for active duty, front line duty, the hottest, bullet flying, left out in the FREAKING MIDDLE OF NOWHERE units that we have, and get them in the fight.
Now go ahead and give them their 8 week basic training, (the most they can handle), and 10 weeks of infantry training, and then straight to the front, the hottest areas possible.

Give em the heat Johnny!!!

Oh, and, they don’t have a security detail…

They don’t have body armor that is better than the issued body armor…

They are locked and loaded with the heaviest weapons that they can professionally apply…

They take the commands while on their assignment from their Squad Leader…

They are in the first Humvee going down the road…

They are the first on foot on patrol in the platoon…

Now this would not be, what you will many times, see a pic of a politician with a “I was over there with the troops” style photo op, with them in IRAQ, in either a super high security zone or Kuait or other remote and secure US military post, this is “in the soup.”

America would be so much better off with this Embedded Federal Leadership Military Tour Program.

Oh well, we have a few professional politicans blown up by IED’s each week, but hey, that’s the cost of war…right?


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