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Ending The Corrupt United Nations – UN

Thursday, December 15th, 2011
UN Condos -- Great Square Footage at 1/2 The Cost -- Now Showing

UN Condos -- Great Square Footage at 1/2 The Cost -- Now Showing

Dearest UN:

Thanks to Al Gore invented this thing called The Internet, if we need to talk to you and see you at the same time, we will do an internet video conference with you.
Please feel free to take this week to get all of your stuff out of your offices, and relocate back to your country of origin.

Contact your realtor and leasing agents, because your political VISA to enter the USA expires at the end of this month to allow you enough time to properly pack up your personal belongings.

IF we feel that we must all meet at the same place at once, for some unknown reason, feel free to meet us in Las Vegas, who has plenty of open rooms now because Americans have almost no income to go on vacations anywhere.

We just could not accept any more resolutions, agreements and other movements vs. the American people in regard to:

Trying to pick away at the 2nd Amendment
Sucking us into a newer version of Cap and Trade
Some really questionable health related initiatives
Control of our military

We could go on, and on, and on, in regard to corruption and the UN, but we have lots of work to do in the USA now.

It has been really nice having you as a guest in our country, but for now, it’s time for you to move on, and move out.





The End of Corrupt Foreign Aid

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Corruption Rules...

Billions of dollars go to foreign aid, from the American Taxpayers, to foreign governments overtly, unknown how much covertly in black ops style cash payoffs, and teachers don’t have money for classroom materials in the USA.

Our money is being used to buy new foreign military hardware, ridiculous projects and other Payoff Payback Scams.

What is a payoff, payback scam? Senator XYZ gets a foreign country a 5 billion dollars that calendar year in overt and covert funding from the American government, and then, under the table, they get 2-5% of it back in overt and covert cash.

Example.. from Free

“The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), spent $823,200 of economic stimulus funds in 2009 on a study by a UCLA research team to teach uncircumcised African men how to wash their genitals after having sex.”

How many American families had 100% of their taxes taken for this? How much of it made it back via Swiss and offshore bank accounts into the hands of American politicans?

WWMSD…What Would Main Street Do?
Shut off the flow of cash from our future generations to other countries.

Maybe the federal government should just send out some post cards to the overseas fat cats getting foreign aid, with a little reminder, kind of like the ones when you have your teeth cleaned.

Dear Fatcat Overseas Politican:

“Your Foreign Aid From the USA Last Year was 12 Billion Dollars.

This year, it will be 0 (zero) dollars.

Thank You,


The American Taxpayers


Federal Government Waste, Corruption and Graft Reduction Act of 2013

Thursday, December 15th, 2011



Hundreds, and hundreds of Billions of dollars wasted, all over the place. All you have to do is Google “federal waste” and thousands of articles alone note hundreds of billions of dollars of wasted money.

One person said it best, “the people are sick of this corrupt ass government,” in which, I could not agree more.

Since the congress and senate, executive office and other agencies of the federal government are not going to change anything, it is up to the Governors and the People of the United States to cut off their cash flow, and reinvent federal government.
The federal government is like a teen on meth.

The teen, isn’t going to stop doing meth, the parents have to step in and cut them off, to get them into rehab, the problem is, it’s going to be a pretty big wakeup call for the 550 or so that run everything politically, and their owners.
The orchestrators of the intentional fall of Americas fiscal system likely won’t do very well in prison. Oh well, guess they may get traded for a cig or two.

Delete C Drive
If you look at spending, corruption, graft and just plain robbery of the public treasury by the federal government, one would wonder if the “hard disk”
formed by our government isn’t so plagued with virus’s, it’s just better to buy a new one, to re-design it from the bottom up.

Line Item Re-design of the Federal Government
Some look at reducing federal government in regard to CUTTING programs, departments and sections of both the federal government and the shadow government (contractors paid to do jobs that should be on the payroll of the feds), vs. staring with a literal blank page, utilizing the Constitution of the United States and its related documents, and building a LIMITED FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.
Maybe we could start with a 9 step program, kind of a start to reclaim our government.

Every single function, program or regulation that can be performed at the state level or that is now dually performed at the state level, be moved to the state level only.

That would be about 75% of what the federal government does.

Take all the hundreds of billions of dollars that were going to the federal government and divide it across the states. They can decide how to best spend their own money without spending millions arguing over ridiculous pork barrel projects.


As noted in the earlier chapter, ensure that the Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal Income Tax that feed the Federal Reserve Bank, that isn’t federal, or reserve, or a bank, are ended completely.
The THOUSANDS OF BERNIE MADOFFS that took the trillions of American Taxpayer dollars, and pull them into THE TULSA TRIALS, the trials of the fiscal traitors of the USA.


Completely secure the borders, waterways, ports. We are policing the Korean border really well, but not our own. Close it and lock it down.


Repeal every single law that sent our jobs overseas. Boycott everything aggressively made overseas by countries that: use slave labor or do not have a USA style bill of rights for their citizens.

Move America to only having 15% imports within two years instead of having around 90% imports for sale in America.

Open criminal investigations in the money transfers between foreign governments and our politicians (in and out of office).

Very, very, very aggressively investigate the illegal exchange of nuclear and related information to the Chinese. Don’t get mad at the Chinese for buying all of the secrets in regard to nuclear explosion resistant computer chips (to guide their nukes to our cities better), or our supercomputers .. 600 plus being sold to them by the politicans, blame the Americans that did it.


Turn off the cash to the millions of citizens that are entitlement addicts.

Many of them are in their 40’s, never worked, other than going to the mailbox to pickup their government checks. It’s not that simple on the surface, but we must attack all types of entitlement addiction.


Re-route money that use to go to the federal agencies that have their responsibilities moved to the state level to reduce graft, corruption and ridiculous pork barrel projects, to the states so that they can properly provide those services.


Drill baby drill, oh yeah.

Drill for so much oil in America, (yes, America actually has a truckload of oil that the greens have not lets us get to. Have a literal drilling contest to see if we can push the cost of a gallon of oil down to 1.00 again.


The Defense Department with it’s completely out of control spending, must have their chain jerked.
Eisenhower told us that they were going to take over, to tell us how much they get each year. We can have a very strong defense and not waste billions of dollars while doing it.

When reading through the DOD budget, one wonders what planet these people are on. They spend so much, if we just bought homes overseas with the money for a few years, we could possibly buy half the world each year.


We have to focus on softening the impact of the failure of the dollar that has been predicted by just about every economist out there due to the bailouts, stimulus, housing loan crisis and other wall street related robbery of the US citizens.

I don’t have all the answers, but I am not laying on the couch either watching cable TV all night trying to figure out what color of a sunuggly to order either.

American Republican – Democrat and Media Chickenhawks Lead The Way: Embedded Senators, Congressmen and Whitehouse Staff

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

CHICKENHAWKS LEAD THE WAY... "Does this green uniform look tight on me"... Newt



Right now, we need embedded Senators, Congressmen, Whitehouse staff and other Chickenhawks in combat in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

For those of you that don’t know, Chickenhawks are people that talk big smack about doing this and doing that in regard to military operations, encouraging offensive military operations, but have zero minutes of time in the service.

Embedded to me, means that they are attacked to a front line, infantry style unit that is taking causalities each week.

Let them when they speak in congress, senate or the west lawn, speak from experience in regard to how well they are being supported in the field.

I think half on, half off would be good for all Federal Senators, Congressmen and all Whitehouse staff, for active duty, front line duty, the hottest, bullet flying, left out in the FREAKING MIDDLE OF NOWHERE units that we have, and get them in the fight.
Now go ahead and give them their 8 week basic training, (the most they can handle), and 10 weeks of infantry training, and then straight to the front, the hottest areas possible.

Give em the heat Johnny!!!

Oh, and, they don’t have a security detail…

They don’t have body armor that is better than the issued body armor…

They are locked and loaded with the heaviest weapons that they can professionally apply…

They take the commands while on their assignment from their Squad Leader…

They are in the first Humvee going down the road…

They are the first on foot on patrol in the platoon…

Now this would not be, what you will many times, see a pic of a politician with a “I was over there with the troops” style photo op, with them in IRAQ, in either a super high security zone or Kuait or other remote and secure US military post, this is “in the soup.”

America would be so much better off with this Embedded Federal Leadership Military Tour Program.

Oh well, we have a few professional politicans blown up by IED’s each week, but hey, that’s the cost of war…right?

Hyperinflation 801: The Fall of the American Dollar And the Other Half of our Economy

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

History Repeats Itself...(again, and again, and again, and again)


Many people don’t know what Hyperinflation is, but the term has been thrown around more and more, with parallels between our current country situation and the Weimar Republic, and the start of Nazi German, in which, I could not agree more.
There are the pictures of the wheelbarrows of cash to go buy groceries, but the problem is, is that your pay does not go up, much, if at all.

14.25 per gallon gasoline
9.50 for each loaf of bread
195.00 for a box of 80 diapers
135.00 for your doctor’s office co-pay that was 20.00
8.00 for a small bottle of pop
65.00 for a smaller package of ground beef

Americans are again, not listening to the economists in regard to the fall of the dollar and hyperinflation.

Many of us cannot handle any more bad fiscal news, you just can’t handle it.

Long story short, all of the money that they have “created” by just putting trillions and trillions of un-backed up dollars on the market, is the same, essentially, as drilling more holes in the side of the SS America to speed up the time it would take to sink the vessel.

So we have the bailouts…
The elimination of “real” high quality paying jobs by NAFTA/China Free Trade and related agreements.

When the rope comes tight, the massive inflation period, called Hyperinflation, is going to hit, and hit hard.

Interest rates are going to go up soon, very soon, double digit jumps at a time, just be ready for it. Are you ready if, or when, the dollar collapses in the next 2-4-6 years due to the professional politicians and their owners, the foreign conglomerate of bankers, finally do the American Dollar in?



Destruction of the Middle Class in America : DC Politicans Are Doing A Fine Job

Thursday, December 15th, 2011


Honey... Wheres that Jenga game that we got for Christmas a few years ago?


NAFTA was engineered to send our manufacturing jobs overseas and pushed through by THE CLINTONS, AL GORE and the traitors that signed it into law.

A citizen left a note…
“I use to work for Radio Shack Corporation. Radio Shack closed all their manufaturing plants & factories and reopened them in Mexico. Also sent stuff to China. Some ppl had been working there since the 70′s (my aunt included) and got laid off.”


PHASE TWO: CHINA TRADE (free trade with a country utilizing slave labor)
America cannot compete with China in regard to production costs, slave or 1/20th cost labor vs. America. We can never do it.

It does not work at all

We need to create a new economy right now, not waiting another day.

We don’t make anything.

We consume everything.
We need to start making everything in America.

PHASE THREE: Divide and conquer
Divide America on racial, religious, age, social and other lines, so that there is no solidarity within the core American populous.

PHASE FOUR: Shake the Ant Farm Up
Stage a great fiscal meltdown, freak everyone out, and take their retirements. Then, also steal so much money, their children, and their children’s children, are going to be working for you, forever.

PHASE FIVE: Destroy The American Dollar
Ensure that between stealing so much money, and converting it into other forms of wealth, and then borrowing and “printing” so much cash, that gradually other countries realize that the dollar is not worth anything, and they gradually pull away from the dollar, until they all run away from the dollar.

Utter fiscal chaos soon follows as America has lost its worth in the world.

Any of these steps look familiar to you?

The Importance of Plain Speak Bill Titles

Thursday, December 15th, 2011


When professional federal politicians are trying to manipulate the perception of a law, regulation or other legal offensive against the people of the US, they get fancy names, in which, I move that they be called the effect they are going to have.

Official Name: “NAFTA” or North American Free Trade Agreement
It’s plain speak name would be:
“This Will Send Our Good Paying Manufacturing Jos Overseas and South of the Border Agreement” killing a huge percentage of our manufacturing jobs agreement.
Anyone recall who the hatchet man was during the CLINTON ADMINSTRATION was (other than Hillary), Al Gore.

The Clintons later tossed Al Gore the green movement like a Pitt Bull swallowing a newborn kitten, and boy has he ran with it. Have you seen the news articles where it notes that he has personally made over 1B on it, (that’s Billon dollars), on the grand hoax?

Following NAFTA, the Ford company, invested 9 billion dollars in Northern Mexico. Billion. Think of that when you are getting that Ford truck. Americans get paid 10x the amount of a worker in Mexico that can be exploited.

ROSS PEROT, the guy heckled as a funny little man by many, said that it would cost Americans millions of jobs.

How to fight NAFTA:
As States, pass laws that cancel NAFTA and ensure that all of the elements of our manufacturing come back to the USA.

What we are undoing is the damage done by the CLINTONISTAS, AL GORE, and the others signed it into law. All of the “American” companies that whine or quibble about not being able to import items anymore, and the cost to move their industrial tools back to the USA… fudge em.
Submit legislation repealing NAFTA at the federal level. is a really great video on NAFTA.

The problem that I have with it, is all of the PROFESSIONAL CAREER POLITICIANS saying that they were fooled, but they are not doing anything about it, apparently.

This is a link to 8 parts on the NAFTA debate between Al Gore (for NAFTA), and Ross Perot (warning America that we would be de-industrialized as quickly as the CEOs could act):

Almost the same rhetoric now is being spewed by Al Gore in regard to Cap and Trade, which will be, if not stopped, the nails in the coffin of the US economy.

The Proposed American 680,000 Internal Para Military Security Force

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Honey... is that a Gunship flying over the house again..let the dog in please.


I am very concerned about the thought of a 680,000 American Schutzstaffel Army, directed by the executive branch of the US government (no matter who is in power).

The current administration wants to start their own, self directed private paramilitary standing army, with your kids that are turning into young teens, filling the ranks in the future.

In Nazi Germany, they shortened Schutzstaffel down to just the SS.
Don’t take my word for it, you can listen to him talk about it live via this link on e-books or manually type it in:

They want your kids to be in a national military like police force, as well equipped, armed and trained as the US military that really brought me back to 1936, the onset of stronger Nazism.
The Hitler Youth were created, and as they aged, they became SS Divisions, which turned into armies, and when they numbered in the hundreds of thousands, it was “tanks east” into Russia, and the rest is history, or is it.

When I saw a speech by Obama saying,

“We have to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong and as well funded (as the US Military)”

I wondered how many other alarm bells were going off around the USA.

Right now, a unit of 4,700 soldiers became available for service this year for service within the USA for operations, in conjunction of the striking down of

Posse Comitatus, with apparently additional increases in the overall force in short order, to 680,000 persons.

When you look at 10,000 persons per combat division, we are looking at:


What in the heeeack are 680,000 soldiers roaming our streets in armored personnel carriers, flying over our cities in gunships and armored personnel carriers and support tanks?


There is a very wise man, that was sucked into the Hitler Youth within Germany during WW2, in which, he just wrote a book called “Defeating The Totalitarian Lie: A Former Hitler Youth Warns America” in which you should read very soon just in case you don’t understand the grab that is on for your children and teenagers.

Q?: So what can we do, we are just states?

A: Let the FED know that the states, and the parents of the children of the USA are not, not going to let their kids get sucked into a fascist prep youth/teen group and we are also not going to allow any private army to be started to enforce god who knows what?
B: As the department of defense is re-designed also, have the national guard only under the power of the state, and NOT able to get sucked into active duty overseas, have them just take care of operations within your state.

Essentially, they become the guard dog that keeps the Pitt Bulls provided by a private paramilitary army from being able to maul your state in the future.

Again, it’s coming.

It has been designed, and they are building it very gradually like the little evil elves that they are.

Don’t let them take your children.

Act now, or reserve your spot at the drive in.

Why They Are Trying to Kill ” Internet One “

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Next Stop: Total Control of the Internet

Assaults on the Last Bastian of the 1st Amendment are on like Donkey Kong.

The free internet is the absolute last remaining pillar of the 1st Amendment.

The last venue that we have is a free internet.

Like an enemy testing the defenses of a castle, they are testing us each month in regard to public reaction to press releases on reducing the flow of information, or better yet, shaping it to meet their needs.

Yes, there are wackos and videos of cute kittens playing with each other on the internet, but the most important element of the internet is bias free news, specifically news in regard to what is going on with our federal government.

Chumming the Public Mind with a Orchestrated, Controlled Corporate Media

TV Cable Network News
Really incredible things may have occurred in the US Senate that day, but, they cover Brittany Spears not wearing underwear and stepping out of a car.

The head of the UN may have just written a paper on the globalization and taxing of the US into the ground by various unlawful treaties, and the news media reports on a squirrel that can surf.

They all really don’t investigate anything. They just take the chum thrown to them and spit it up all over us.

The Acorn Example Federal Voter Fraud/Rico Case from 2008

I have noticed a complete lack of investigative reporting on THOUSANDS OF VOTER REGISTRATIONS AND ADVANCED VOTING that occurred across the nation.

One would think that having a valid election process would be important to the news media.

Acorn, who supported Obama in Lake County Indiana alone had 5,000 fraudulent voter registrations, (in which you just advance vote by mail), with half of them all being written in the same hand, many of them in the name of dead people.

The Obama campaign donated $800,000 to Acorn to “help get the vote out.”

Where are the follow up investigations across the USA?

Where is the federal news media?

Luckily, the head council for the Obama 2008 campaign is, none other, than Eric Holder.

There is no news media coverage because if all of the cases of fraud were brought to bear, the actual election itself would come into question.

Where are the local county attorneys in regard to proceeding forward in regard to proceeding forward and investigating the overall effect of having no independent investigation at this point.

5,000 false registrations per county (off the estimate from the one), x 3,141 counties would be…only 15,705,000 potential fraudulent poplar votes.

The spread between the candidates poplar vote wise, was 9,522,083 votes.

35,000 of them were submitted to the Kansas board of Elections in Kansas City alone.

Great job Acorn.

Why even have a false election, and have to pay for it, when you can just not have one, and save the money?

Forged signatures, false names, and still unknown how many of them were mailed in.

This idea was thrown out to the national media to see how the public felt in 2009.

What they are trying to do to you, is buy out the remaining free press newspapers in the USA and bend light, again, in regard to what is going on in the world.


Just when you thought it could not get any worse.

The Fight for your Childrens Mind: Deep Stuff Maynard

Thursday, December 15th, 2011
Socialist vs. Unarmed Mother and Child

Socialist vs. Unarmed Mother and Child

Don’t Let Your Children Down…Understanding the Fight

Many citizens don’t understand that there isn’t just one type of warfare, conventional land warfare.

This is important to understand because they are being mentally bombed each day, and many of them don’t understand that they are being attacked, manipulated, trained and shaped, or why.

Conventional Warfare is easy to recognize. You have rolling tanks, jet aircraft hitting targets, infantry divisions advancing on the enemy.

Guerrilla Warfare and Low Intensity Conflicts are long term engagements that last over years and years, if not decades. There is not a set front line, with overt and covert units attacking each other along with citizens to sway the overall citizenry.

Terrorism and Freedom Fighters: One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Most people understand terrorism.

The above three types of warfare are generally understood, the following though, are not.

Social Engineering Based Warfare:

Orwellian programming of the general populous through utilization of a controlled education, media and television based grid.

Example: A citizen spends almost all of their free time anguishing over the Green Bay Packers. That same person is losing their constitutional freedoms, their area economy, their children’s, children’s future also, and they are more concerned about if Brett Farve playing against them this weekend.

The people that do this, distract, control, and quietly shape the overall movement of the population.

What they shape with television programming is just the individual’s entire thought process, attitude on life, right up to stances on specific topics. If I see one more “pro get the shot” segment on children’s programming, I think that I will vomit.

How To Fight It: Unplug now from your television.

It’s outdated. Go out and talk to your neighbors, get back out of the house, and away from the television.

Did you happen to notice the new digital TV revolution? Now, what you are watching can be remotely monitored to help the social engineers better understand how to mold you and your children, your future.


Economic Class Warfare:

A group of persons make the decision to reduce a country or life of an entire class of persons within that country, and take the proper steps to destroy them.

Example: Career American Politicians enact the North American Free Trade Agreement knowing that it would send 80% of our manufacturing jobs from the USA to other countries, helping to destroy not only the middle class, but the manufacturing base of the USA.

In my opinion, this is high treason, destruction of our country. How do you feel?

How To Fight It: Run for office now, the middle class has been wreaked with destruction by nuclear level attacks on us thus far, and if we don’t take the government back over from “them,” we shall, the American Middle Class, cease to exist in only a few years.


Monetary Warfare:

Other markets across the world are bailing from the dollar to go to other venues now for trade and storage of wealth. This is a broadcast of a coming punch.

As the banksters continue to rattle the USA cage, monetary based warfare vs. the USA, (which is actually just the middle and lower class, the elite have their “money” diversified across the world), they are conducting warfare vs. the dollar itself.

Don’t think this is important? Wait until the “end of the dollar” that has been forecasted, and the replacement of it by the banking elite to a system that best meets their goals of global domination.

Don’t think Monetary Warfare important? Hyperinflation hits first, where a loaf of bread is 10.50 and your wages have not changed, then, all of a sudden, the dollar is not accepted by many other countries, and we have the predicted, forecasted, fiscally engineered currency failure.

You will think it is important then.

How To Fight It: We have to repeal every law, treaty, agreement and other related move by the globalists to destroy the American Middle Class, and bring our manufacturing base back to America.

Political Warfare:

You have the WWF, Washington Wrestling Foundation that claims that they, (federal level democrats and republicans), are fighting each other for your freedom, when, in fact, the are all in the same good ol boys club in the end.

How To Fight It: Have non-politicians run for office, for every single level and type of office that is open, to take back over the country. Over time, you will be able to push against the machine that is here for your family, kids and even your dog.

YES..they plan to tax any pets you have for their carbon paw print apparently.

Narco Warfare Hybrid:

They bomb entire neighborhoods, generations of entire populations, with readily available hard drugs, cocaine, LSD and of course, crack, to do multiple things.

They make billions from the overall direct sale of the drugs to further fund black ops.

They make money off the laundering of the money from the drug trade.

They benefit from the huge amount of inmates that are thrust into the prison population, with them owning the builders/suppliers of services to prisons.

They destroy segments of the population, and turn them into addicts.

The ones that they could not destroy directly with drugs, are secondarily killed by the neighborhood addicts and gangs.

They make hard drugs cool in the movies and music videos, specifically for segments of the population, further promoting drug addiction.


Historical Warfare: Q?: History warfare, what the heack is that? History warfare?

History warfare is the ability to write history, literally, and then pass it off as the truth, when it isn’t. If you asked a college senior in 1978 who killed JFK, they would of course say, Lee Harvey Oswald, for that was what the history books said.

If you walk up to a senior in college now, and ask them, who killed JFK, 20-25% or more of them will say “a team called Operation 40 from the CIA.”

That, by jove is history warfare.

What they took away from JFK when they killed him, was that the victor wrote the history books.

False Flag Warfare:

False flags are planned events that when on the surface, they appear to be an attack by the enemy, but, it was actually just your black operations persons doing something to, many times, draw the overall country into a war or fight that they generally didn’t currently have the belly to do.

Gulf of Tonkin was a good example. Head cabinet members have came out and admitted that The Tonkin incident (for those of you that are not history majors, the USA citizens were drawn in hard into the Vietnam war after it), was faked to, guess what, draw the USA full bore, into the war.

USS Liberty Incident on June 8th 1967, was a false flag gone wrong. The US government was going to have a small intelligence ship sunk (by the Israel and then blame it on Egypt), in which, the ship didn’t sink, and 34 dead sailors later, the USA didn’t get sucked into a war with Egypt and their Allis, opening up literally a second war front in 1967.

The USS Liberty incident was sickening, absolutely sickening. LBJ was said to have screamed, “I want that GD ship going to the bottom” on one phone call during “heated discussions” in regard to a US aircraft carrier scrambling fighters to defend the USS Liberty.

The LBJ Presidential library should be made a memorial to the USS Liberty attack and a large memorial for its victims, kind of a large, False Flag Museum of the US.

Control Level Warfare:

Citizens still are concerned that the 9/11 attack, and other false flags also continue to gradually saw away at our personal liberties and rights in the name of Homeland Defense.

The Patriot Act, which is not patriotic at all, is a huge onslaught against our civil rights along with the pushing for stored whole body scans (physical biometrics [ the fingerprinting of your skeletal build and gate), so that you can be ID’d by digital cameras around the world by “their” control grid.
That is Control Level Warfare.

Overall again, control warfare is a constrictive reduction of the rights of people, living in an area, without them hopefully rebelling. This is a moving scale of civil rights, in which, as the scale goes down, your rights as a citizen, begin to disappear. It is the boiling frog, but that frog is you.

How To Fight It?: Never give up any of your rights, for they won’t be coming back any decade soon.

You must also take political action now to repeal, revoke, overturn and overcome any law, act or regulation passed to gradually infringe upon your rights.

This is the entire countries government, not the ruling elites government, no matter how scary of a boogie man they throw up in your face.