Beslan Gym with Plastic Explosives Everywhere


For Our Kids Sake When I ask people what the word “Beslan” means to them, they have said, “well, nothing” in regard to the 50 or so that I have asked over the last month.

When I then ask them, “what does Beslan and School” means, they still don’t have any ideas.

Beslan to you should mean 334 kids, school teachers and parents killed by Sufi Muslims, with the start of the hostage crisis starting 1 September 2004 in Russia.

Seven hundred and fifty plus were wounded in the crossfire and related explosions.

The Muslims hit the school with 32 “ninja turtle” hostage takers. Ninja turtles are bad guys that are wearing body armor, Kevlar helmets many times along with assault rifles (they had AK’s). They also brought explosives, and when they took over the school: The Muslim terrorists killed most of the adult males in the half hour of the four day long hostage crisis.

They thrive on controlling women and children during the hostage phase, (and then kill them when the cameras are rolling).

The Muslims refused to give children water. In the end, many of them were dying of dehydration, hallucinating in a blazing hot gym area, packed in there like pigs, some of them surviving from drinking from pools of urine on the floor.

They killed women and children without hesitation. When the start of the takedown was perceived by the hostage takers, they had no problems pulling detonating explosives that had been placed throughout the school, with the focus on the gym.


Hundreds of Dead Kids at Beslan
Hundreds of Dead Kids at the Parking lot in Beslan

Team B

Team B is the nickname of a group of federal counter terrorists that think and wargame vs. potential terrorist efforts in the USA. They have to be very, very concerned about

this style of operation occurring in the USA. We have the three main elements that went into Beslan: Muslim terrorism training camps operating in the USA No shortage of terrorism 101 trained foreigners in the USA Very evil men and women that could care less about life, much less our children’s life It is very reasonable to expect the same thing to happen here, possibly across ten schools at a time, as discussed on a news channel in passing last summer in case you missed it.

The talked about the effect that it would have on the USA with so many hundreds of children killed, (Beslan was an elementary school), in which, the attackers goals would be to: Have Americans pull their kids out of public and private schools.

Reduce the production and income of American families with a parent staying home that could not be fiscally afforded. Cause the establishment of security measures for our schools that would fiscally cost so much, it would be quite a tax burden upon the American people.

Cause the USA to have a country wide, knee jerk hate response vs. Muslims. They want us to force the remaining “peaceful” Muslims over to the side of the terrorists.

Right after that would occur in the USA, the rednecks would burn everything down that looked like a mosque, falling right into the trap of the terrorists. CNN would have more video rolling of mosques burning in the USA than the shock and awe hours of the Iraq War.

What Is Your Areas Beslan Shooters Response Plan?

The entire Los Angeles Police Department choked, absolutely choked, on TWO ninja turtles…TWO.

What would have happened if they were hit with 32 of them?

One of the LAPD’s suspects killed himself, and the other was cut down after trying to change vehicles, but not killed (he died later due to bleeding out due to multiple hits below the waist below his body armor).

When they hit a school in your state, what will your law enforcement agencies be able to do?

After the Columbine school shootings, most Police/Fire/EMS departments developed plans to respond to that style of emergency, with one or two or three shooters, but what about 32 (or more)?

I wanted to start a discussion with this entry.

I don’t have all the answers, but, WHEN it happens, when they hit one of our schools, or major public events with what is essentially a platoon or two of heavily armed suspects, what will we do?

Here are some observations from studying Beslan, active shooters and other mass shooting cases in the USA:

If you wait for the Cavalry hours later, they will be dug in too well and come close to killing everyone.

Officers out on the road should have quick access to a .308 style patrol rifle and a crash bag with additional tactical body armor that they can throw over their daily use vest, a helmet and a tactical bag full of magazines that they can toss over a shoulder in seconds.

Each hour you wait, more “good guys” dead bodies falling out windows.

Tactically all shotguns do to ninja turtles is let them know where to turn and shoot at.

When going against heavy tactical body armor, .223 or 5.56 of the M-16/AR-15 family just won’t cut it. You need to have green tip ammo in specially marked magazines available for the officers.

Your handgun is the weapon that you use until you can get to your trunk or remove your rifle out of its holder in the front seat of the patrol car.

NEVER, EVER, EVER take a handgun to a high caliber, heavy body armor based gunfight. Your single and to five shooter active shooter response plans must include scenarios with 20-40 active shooters.

You are failing you community if you don’t.

Have a school district wide plan, and shopping mall plan, etc, for the evacuation of the kids from the area to secondary locations, and from those secondary locations, to evacuate them further from the area, quickly, very quickly.

During the Austin Clock TowerShooter when a very skilled mentally ill ex-Marine was sniping persons at very long ranges, (he killed 14 and wounded another 32 others on August 1, 1966), the call went out on the public radio to avoid the area due to snipers.

TEXANS RESPONDED WITH THEIR RIFLES, as you can see on newsreels of the incident.

The parameter roads to the tower had citizens engaging the sniper with very heavy caliber scoped hunting rifles and military surplus rifles, keeping the sniper pinned much of the time, parts of the tower literally exploding due to the continual firepower hitting his location until he was killed.

In The End Teach your kids about incidents alike Beslan.

If you hide stuff like that from them, it will only make them more unable to process what is happing during the situation if it starts to occur.

I talk to my nine year old about it, and let her know what to do if something like that occurs.

Personally, I always like knowing what’s going on around me without a filter called the news media. I keep a rechargeable scanner that covers the police activity for my kids school and whatever area that I am in.

If something like Beslan goes down in my area, I will be one of the first to know.

If a Beslan style team hits one of my areas schools, I know what I will do.

Do you know what you would do in case something like that occurred at your child’s school or school district?

When something like that happens, is not a time to plan.

The time to plan, is now.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, but hope alone won’t save your kids,its up to you.



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