Are you a non-politician? America and leading state elected positions need you now. They need you to run for office, now.

Do you get a stick stomach when you hear professional federal politicians speak with fork in tongue?
Ways to know that you are a non-politician:

You may not be very politically correct.

You care about how the decisions made will affect the middle and lower class.

You are not invited to the “secret society” style meetings within circles of the truly elite federal politicians.

When speaking in public in regard to the current system, you may get a bit “fired up,” with it being hard not to let some old school curse words fly.

The maid in your home is you.

You tend to tell the truth, even when it hurts somebody’s feelings at times.

Your teleprompter is a stack of 30 index cards that were filled out at the kitchen table while your kids were doing homework.

Members of your security team are three gassy bassets, a shotgun in the closet and a baseball bat next to the bed.

If you are still a Republican or Democratic party, when you show up at a meeting of their poo-bahs, they note that they cannot support you because you haven’t done your time yet (as one of their assistants), for you to run for office.

In regard to legislation, you look past the effect of the next month, looking into the decades in regard to how it will affect your constituents.

Most of all you haven’t been bought and paid for.

We need you now to run for office across America.

School boards, city councils, county commissions, state government and even the furnace of corruption that are the 545 people that run the federal government.

Quick who is the President of Chad? Who gives a flying spit wad?

What they will try to do, is publicly quiz you on abstract crap to get you to not run for public office. Hold the course, and don’t give up.
The main thing, is that we have a citizen in that role, replacing a professional career politician. What we are doing, is un-doing oh, let’s start around 1913, the year of the hijacking of our federal government, so, 100 years of professional politicians minding the store.

You know by now that I hate complainers that won’t do anything other than complain, so, here are some ideas:

Read the web pages for the election offices in a combination of counties in your state along with your main states election office. Many times they will have ½ of the information you need, the other half on another web page within your state.

Not knowing the rules to the board game only hurts NONPOLS and helps the professional hacks.

Put together a team of NONPOLS to run for office across all levels of government and why the necessity and the time is here for it.

Read your competitors books, watch their videos and know their voting record.

Know their answer to upcoming debate questions before they do. Did they give illegal aliens the key to your states front door, with violent Mexican gangs now competing for control of your city vs. area law enforcement?

Wargame the upcoming debates.

Yes, many of them will be a setup with your competitor being leaked the questions that are going to be asked by area hacks, but you have to be as ready as you can. Have your team have quiz each other and have a good, to the point answer for the fastball questions that may be thrown at you.

The professional politicians will shake your hand with one hand and cut your throat with the other. You have to realize, that they don’t have real jobs, and that you are threatening their “daily job” by running for office.


Just sit down, and take your list on what is important in regard to what you are going to cover, and type out your main notes, and just sit and talk about it, or have a friend interview you in regard to the overall topic. Post the information to YOUTUBE, along with typewritten text from the overall discussion, and post it to YOUTUBE.



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