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Guns, Firearms and Weapons Guide Book for Americans

Thursday, December 6th, 2012



Hi, my name is Tyler Dillon, and I have a question for you,

Is your life worth a Big Mac Meal?

I just finished a book called, Guns, Firearms and Weapons Guide Book for Americans, daily survival tactics and strategy – survive everything from urban predators and gang warfare to nuclear war, shtf and zombie apocalypse attack… that is on amazon right now, at the cost of a big mac meal for the ebook version.

Every single day, in America, completely innocent, good upstanding citizens, that are downright great people, children, teenagers, adults and seniors are murdered by something that is currently called an Urban Predator. 

This book is to help good people, with real full time jobs, and families, teenagers and kids, and older parents, most of us with limited budgets, to survive in modern America as it stands, right now.

Using the core principles of great coaching, instruction and training, we work to develop core citizen survival skills, verses the current  main threats, and make our way outward.

We then, continue to cover a cross section of much more, formidable, and indeed horrific events, from nuclear warfare, bio-genetic warfare, and a cross section of weapons that many of you have never heard of before.  

This book, could indeed, save your family members lives someday.

If you have a child or a teenager now, like I do, this book can definitely help them to survive not only if things stay the same, but if we have a major even that forever changes life as we knew it in America.

Think of it as a, “when really bad things happen to good people, life preserver” of sorts. 

I priced the ebook on Amazon at 5.89, the total local cost of a Big Mac Meal.

Would you give up a Big Mac Meal to help you to better understand  how to survive vs. the Urban Predators that are out on today’s mean streets?

This book is a collection of 38 years of the study of not only firearms, and other weapons, tactics and strategies, conflict styles, along with escape and survival skills.

When you view this work as a 6×9 inch style book, this work is over 500 pages.  I designed it to be a bit of an Odyssey, a Journey for Your Mind, to get you and your children, family and friends, literally ready to handle everything. 

 Need to design a great home alarm system setup… got it covered.

Attacked by four suspects in your home… got it covered.

Attacked while walking to your car at work… got it covered.

26 gang members attacking your family in public…got it covered.

Cat burglar sneaking along the outside of your house… got it covered.

Your teenager is at home alone, with five pedators kicking your door down… got it covered.

The nuclear attack sirens just went off… got it covered.


I will cover a lot of weapons, and event styles, that many of you have never heard of before.    

I want the best outcome for America.

I want the best for my kids, and you kids.

I also want every good American that there is out there, to be safer in the long run.

Well, we are back at point A. 

Is your life worth a Big Mac Meal?

Will you buy the book?

I would wish you good luck, but luck, has nothing to do with it.


The 2nd Amendment: Firearm Ownership Rights

Thursday, December 15th, 2011
American AR-15 Rifle

The American AR-15 Rifle

by Tyler Benjamin Dillon

The Necessities of Black Rifle Ownership
Battle rifles are what brought down the redcoats, and helped free the Republic, not negotiations, or handguns, or swords, it was rifles, what would later become called, main battle rifles as the Revolution waged on.

It was not handguns, or thousands of squirrel guns (small caliber), hatchets or other weapons, it was the production, issue and use of rifles that could hang with what the redcoats were utilizing.

The second amendment was put in place by our forefathers to ensure that the free people of the United States were able to form, to protect ourselves against armies, foreign and domestic.

Many times, people will say that ownership of hunting style rifles is enough for citizens, not main battle rifles, or black rifles, or assault rifles are they are called these days.
To understand why the citizens do need them, all that you have to do is look at the history of conflict for a moment, both at the onset of the modern assault rifle, which was the German MP43, which the Russians later copied and simplified production of it with the AK-47.

1939: The Imperial Japanese Army
Attacks Washington State
The attack of the USA, a landing by multiple Japanese divisions was discussed by the Japanese leadership during the planning of their expansion into China, the south pacific and the attack of America.

“You cannot invade the mainland United States.

There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”

This was credited and disputed to have been said by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.
Then, US citizens had the same rifles available that the average Japanese infantryman had. The Japanese did not have enough infantrymen and related heavy support to be able to pull something like that off, so they concentrated on unarmed China.

In China, they killed an estimated 6 million unarmed citizens. Six million armed Chinese citizens would have driven the Japanese army into the sea.

1991 Yugoslavian War
As the country fell to pieces, and ethnic groups began to kill each other, it was the death squads, paramilitary police and military that had the assault firearms.
That is how you had 100,000 (estimated), dead citizens that were killed, of which, thousands of course, were children.

If the heads of households had been able to make a stand vs. the death squads knock at the door, there would have been many more surviving children and many more dead psychotic death squad members.

June 1994 – 1 Million Citizens Murdered
Three months of killing in Rawanda left 1 MILLION Tutsis with the culprits being mostly Hutus.

Guess which side had assault rifles and which side didn’t. Eight Hundred Thousand dead in three months, if only they had been able to defend themselves.
There is a video of a huge river, absolutely huge, completely filled with dead, bloating bodies, which, I will never forget. is a pretty good video collage of what happens to unarmed citizens vs. mass murders.


What you miss though, is what they are, the black rifles, are doing each day across America.

The police cannot protect you, just think of them as armed crime reporters essentially.

This is why, if you are killed, raped, robbed or otherwise hurt, you cannot sue the police department for failure to protect, for they are not liable for your safety, (you are).

KEEPING CRIMINALS IN CHECK: Daily Victories for Americans

Common Criminals:
Black rifles serve as a great deterrent to crime. They help protect your home vs. the common, housebreaking, residential robbing criminal 24/7.
Criminals don’t want to fall into the sights of a firearm, much less, a citizen with an assault rifle with a 30 round magazine.

Organized Gangs:
As existing gangs burglarize, rob and otherwise victimize the overall American families, organized gangs hit homes across the land, burglarizing and killing citizens by the thousands per year across the country.

A citizen that is trained and armed with an assault rifle can put enough rounds towards (and into), teams now of criminals and other gang members that are trying to rob, rape, burglarize and kill them.

The bad guys then choke immediately on biting off to much of a trained and armed citizen at once.

Highway Robbers:
Believe it or not, when you are out and about, out shopping, doing your day to day chores, buying some milk and bread at the store, etc, you are being sized up.
You are being evaluated by felons as how hard of a target that you are.
They need money for meth and crack…
They don’t have jobs…

They usually have been slapped on the wrist before for very serious charges…

They don’t care what they have to do to you to get what they want, cash and whatever they can take and trade for drugs…

They usually have a cross section of weapons. Bats, knives, handguns, shanks (improvised knives) and other weapons…

They don’t care what they have to do to you to get what they want.

You, when alone, or with your children/spouse, have to have an odds evener when facing organized crime in the USA. High quality black rifles, or assault rifles, are that edge to stay alive in these strange days.

I didn’t create the environment that we live in now, but I am doing all that I can do to change it, as quickly as possible.


IF our government is ever compromised or otherwise turned over to the control of foreign entities, Assault rifles help keep a rogue or compromised federal government in check.
This would then, prevent the federal government from being able to disarm the people, en masse, quickly, through gun confiscations. They would have to then, focus on enacting gradual encroaching laws for ownership and retention, until, like the ants eating the elephant, until it, the armed public, is gone.

When the armed public is gone, we are, gone as a free nation, and then things go quickly downhill from there.

I recommend:

Each state re-confirm its dedication to the Second Amendment and the citizens right to bear arms.

Each state should encourage not only Assault Rifle ownership, but encourage the production of Assault Rifles within your state, conforming solely to your states laws concerning such.

Each state have concealed carry permits for citizens.

Each state note within its confirmation of the 2nd Amendment, that no other agreement, law, treaty or other arrangement to infringe upon any of these rights.

Each state note that “Anyone attempting to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans shall be committing High Treason vs. The People,” and nothing less.