Honey... Wheres that Jenga game that we got for Christmas a few years ago?


NAFTA was engineered to send our manufacturing jobs overseas and pushed through by THE CLINTONS, AL GORE and the traitors that signed it into law.

A citizen left a note…
“I use to work for Radio Shack Corporation. Radio Shack closed all their manufaturing plants & factories and reopened them in Mexico. Also sent stuff to China. Some ppl had been working there since the 70’s (my aunt included) and got laid off.”


PHASE TWO: CHINA TRADE (free trade with a country utilizing slave labor)
America cannot compete with China in regard to production costs, slave or 1/20th cost labor vs. America. We can never do it.

It does not work at all

We need to create a new economy right now, not waiting another day.

We don’t make anything.

We consume everything.
We need to start making everything in America.

PHASE THREE: Divide and conquer
Divide America on racial, religious, age, social and other lines, so that there is no solidarity within the core American populous.

PHASE FOUR: Shake the Ant Farm Up
Stage a great fiscal meltdown, freak everyone out, and take their retirements. Then, also steal so much money, their children, and their children’s children, are going to be working for you, forever.

PHASE FIVE: Destroy The American Dollar
Ensure that between stealing so much money, and converting it into other forms of wealth, and then borrowing and “printing” so much cash, that gradually other countries realize that the dollar is not worth anything, and they gradually pull away from the dollar, until they all run away from the dollar.

Utter fiscal chaos soon follows as America has lost its worth in the world.

Any of these steps look familiar to you?