Divorce Costs
At 300-500 plus per hour..x 30 hrs

Across the USA, domestic violence, in all of its levels, are many times tied to either a divorce process or ongoing problems during an existing long term, divorce process. These long term, cash draining divorces, are great for lawyers, and horrid for families.

I am going to go out on a limb here, and estimate that 40-60% of the calls for city and county law enforcement are related to domestic violence, divorce and the after effects of divorce and of course, child custody battles.

Many times during a huge, drawn out, literally year to two year long divorce is involved, in which there are other benefits:

A plethora of law enforcement responses due to DV calls with the system holding two battling adults together.

Additional EMS/FIRE calls when 10-15 percent of them end up hurting or even killing each other

Additional domestic homicides and parentless kids

More kids exposed to more fighting with their parents

The newly single parent then also has thousands if not tens of thousands of legal bills due to just the civil court costs and attorney fees.

Additional bankruptcies due to elongated divorces

The criminal court system gets jammed up with additional domestic battery cases that would possibly not happened if the divorce had been quickly executed and completed.

Right now, many times, a person currently that “does not want” to divorce the person that filed the divorce in court, can draw out the divorce process close to a year and a half with professional filibustering.

Just think of a really slow moving divorce as having your thigh bone slowly broken over 45 minutes of having a vice break it, when what we need, is a swift, quick break that just took a ¼ second.

Right now, from what I have seen, you go down and file, and then a couple of weeks later, the other person gets served, and then the fight is on in court for 6—12–18 months to even get anything finalized, then, after that, it is a Hungarian badger fight each month over everything.

The Marriage DMV

Think of a marriage license, as a license. How about this idea…

A spouse wants to get a divorce, so they go down to family court, literally walk up, with their state ID (drivers license or photo id), and are given a sheet to sign off noting that they are doing this of their free will, and sign it, giving it to the clerk.

The clerk then goes into the computer, and shifts you and your spouse into SINGLE status, for how are now DIVORCED, and it changes the status of your EX spouse to DIVORCED in the computer.
There isn’t any bickering over if you are going to get DIVORCED

You are divorced…
No foot dragging…
No more year long fiscal nightmare…
A good, clean break…

Yes, you have to work out all the finalities in regard to EVERYTHING, but the fact that you are now DIVORCED, and not being held together by the court system, would be such a relief to the overall system.
So, you went down, and got your divorce after having to wait 20 minutes in line, and now, you are ready for the second part, the MOVING TRUCK with two off duty peace officers. You then go with them, having paid the 400 or so dollar fee for the two officers and the truck, and move out in six hours.


Child Custody
The child custody schedule has to be worked out with your mediator, and fun stuff like that, but, the “clean break” style first ½ of the divorce would prevent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of domestic violence calls across the nation EACH DAY.

It’s not that unreasonable.

It’s not rocket science.


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