UN Condos -- Great Square Footage at 1/2 The Cost -- Now Showing
UN Condos -- Great Square Footage at 1/2 The Cost -- Now Showing

Dearest UN:

Thanks to Al Gore invented this thing called The Internet, if we need to talk to you and see you at the same time, we will do an internet video conference with you.
Please feel free to take this week to get all of your stuff out of your offices, and relocate back to your country of origin.

Contact your realtor and leasing agents, because your political VISA to enter the USA expires at the end of this month to allow you enough time to properly pack up your personal belongings.

IF we feel that we must all meet at the same place at once, for some unknown reason, feel free to meet us in Las Vegas, who has plenty of open rooms now because Americans have almost no income to go on vacations anywhere.

We just could not accept any more resolutions, agreements and other movements vs. the American people in regard to:

Trying to pick away at the 2nd Amendment
Sucking us into a newer version of Cap and Trade
Some really questionable health related initiatives
Control of our military

We could go on, and on, and on, in regard to corruption and the UN, but we have lots of work to do in the USA now.

It has been really nice having you as a guest in our country, but for now, it’s time for you to move on, and move out.






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