Hundreds, and hundreds of Billions of dollars wasted, all over the place. All you have to do is Google “federal waste” and thousands of articles alone note hundreds of billions of dollars of wasted money.

One person said it best, “the people are sick of this corrupt ass government,” in which, I could not agree more.

Since the congress and senate, executive office and other agencies of the federal government are not going to change anything, it is up to the Governors and the People of the United States to cut off their cash flow, and reinvent federal government.
The federal government is like a teen on meth.

The teen, isn’t going to stop doing meth, the parents have to step in and cut them off, to get them into rehab, the problem is, it’s going to be a pretty big wakeup call for the 550 or so that run everything politically, and their owners.
The orchestrators of the intentional fall of Americas fiscal system likely won’t do very well in prison. Oh well, guess they may get traded for a cig or two.

Delete C Drive
If you look at spending, corruption, graft and just plain robbery of the public treasury by the federal government, one would wonder if the “hard disk”
formed by our government isn’t so plagued with virus’s, it’s just better to buy a new one, to re-design it from the bottom up.

Line Item Re-design of the Federal Government
Some look at reducing federal government in regard to CUTTING programs, departments and sections of both the federal government and the shadow government (contractors paid to do jobs that should be on the payroll of the feds), vs. staring with a literal blank page, utilizing the Constitution of the United States and its related documents, and building a LIMITED FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.
Maybe we could start with a 9 step program, kind of a start to reclaim our government.

Every single function, program or regulation that can be performed at the state level or that is now dually performed at the state level, be moved to the state level only.

That would be about 75% of what the federal government does.

Take all the hundreds of billions of dollars that were going to the federal government and divide it across the states. They can decide how to best spend their own money without spending millions arguing over ridiculous pork barrel projects.


As noted in the earlier chapter, ensure that the Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal Income Tax that feed the Federal Reserve Bank, that isn’t federal, or reserve, or a bank, are ended completely.
The THOUSANDS OF BERNIE MADOFFS that took the trillions of American Taxpayer dollars, and pull them into THE TULSA TRIALS, the trials of the fiscal traitors of the USA.


Completely secure the borders, waterways, ports. We are policing the Korean border really well, but not our own. Close it and lock it down.


Repeal every single law that sent our jobs overseas. Boycott everything aggressively made overseas by countries that: use slave labor or do not have a USA style bill of rights for their citizens.

Move America to only having 15% imports within two years instead of having around 90% imports for sale in America.

Open criminal investigations in the money transfers between foreign governments and our politicians (in and out of office).

Very, very, very aggressively investigate the illegal exchange of nuclear and related information to the Chinese. Don’t get mad at the Chinese for buying all of the secrets in regard to nuclear explosion resistant computer chips (to guide their nukes to our cities better), or our supercomputers .. 600 plus being sold to them by the politicans, blame the Americans that did it.


Turn off the cash to the millions of citizens that are entitlement addicts.

Many of them are in their 40’s, never worked, other than going to the mailbox to pickup their government checks. It’s not that simple on the surface, but we must attack all types of entitlement addiction.


Re-route money that use to go to the federal agencies that have their responsibilities moved to the state level to reduce graft, corruption and ridiculous pork barrel projects, to the states so that they can properly provide those services.


Drill baby drill, oh yeah.

Drill for so much oil in America, (yes, America actually has a truckload of oil that the greens have not lets us get to. Have a literal drilling contest to see if we can push the cost of a gallon of oil down to 1.00 again.


The Defense Department with it’s completely out of control spending, must have their chain jerked.
Eisenhower told us that they were going to take over, to tell us how much they get each year. We can have a very strong defense and not waste billions of dollars while doing it.

When reading through the DOD budget, one wonders what planet these people are on. They spend so much, if we just bought homes overseas with the money for a few years, we could possibly buy half the world each year.


We have to focus on softening the impact of the failure of the dollar that has been predicted by just about every economist out there due to the bailouts, stimulus, housing loan crisis and other wall street related robbery of the US citizens.

I don’t have all the answers, but I am not laying on the couch either watching cable TV all night trying to figure out what color of a sunuggly to order either.