From Tyler Dillon

Saving America: Balkanization, Division, and Destruction of the USA

Every single day, there are people, most of them not from this nation, work on how to Balkanize (divide up), and gradually destroy the almost every positive element of the United States of America. I know that it is hard to think of why, why would a person overseas, or even amongst us, work to gradually chip away, to divide up, and gradually destroy the light that the United States has been for the world, with most of you being from the USA.

They destroy it, because they don’t want “it,” they picked a new way to manage people, or many times what are called sheeple, because at times,the Americans, have been a major pain the side for the people that really run the world, or literally own money, through a central national bank, that own and run the world, not to be confused with the elected national officials of the world.

They successfully Balkanize the USA by turning all of its elements against each other, in every single day, in every single way. They turn the middle class against the lower class, the races against each other, male vs. female, religion vs. religion, along with about 100 other sub divisions of America against each other.

They destroy our businesses with a complete quagmire of taxes, rules and regulations to obey, with almost no laws ever taken off the book that are, what the layperson would define as, completely stupid laws. There are two versions of America, what you were brought up thinking it was, and what it is, in its layers of taxes, upon taxes, upon taxes, much like a suffocating layer cake.

We , the actual people of the United States, are divided up, many times, by the national news media (TV, RADIO, corporate internet), which is of course, owned by the American Federal Reserve Bank owners, to manage you, and your life, cradle to grave, every single day. The Federal Reserve Bank, is not federal, or reserve or a bank, it is a printing press, of sorts, that prints the cash for the USA, in which, we then pay them the face value for the cash along with interest.

The Federal Reserve Bank of the USA was chartered (started), in London England, (yes, England), and yet, you will not find that in any history books. The Federal Reserve Bank of the USA reports to the IBS, or International Bank of Settlements in Switzerland, in which, you should of course know that its nickname is “The Nazi Bank,” being instrumental in the escape of thousands of German Nazis after World War Two.

The Federal Reserve Bank system was pushed through congress two days before Christmas in 1913, in which, there were not enough votes to pass it with our representatives there. They, the privately owned FRB, hijacked out country fiscally, and if you own money, you own power and control, and literally, the future of the USA, and indeed the world.

The people that own money, your money, literally, want you to buy into the fact that someone else is getting more of your tax money. They want you to think that the farmers get too much in aid each year. They want you to think that the poor, or welfare class now, are going through your tax dollars like burning cash in a barrel.
The truth is, is that the system put in place by the families that own the Federal Reserve Bank now:

Still charges you the worth of a printed bill (masse counterfeiting)

Stole 140 trillion during the 2008 fiscal crisis and never got in trouble at all, in fact, they completely took over the entire DC system.

They are still able to destabilize fiscally the USA as nation if you start to rise up.

Through hundreds of layers of taxes each day, in which, you actually make about 35% of your income, the rest goes to “hidden” taxes in regard to what you purchase.

The tax money that is collected, if not sent directly to the Federal Reserve Bank, it is consumed by companies that those families own, through a series of corporations that are set up, to further suck out your tax dollars.

My name is Tyler Dillon, and at 45 years old, and I come from a middle class background.

My parents being retired now, my father a strength coach, my mother an administrative assistant at the local zoo.

I understand what really happened to the United States, behind all of the layers of treason, lies, individual murders and piles of hundreds of thousands dead Americans from November 1963 to present.

We, as a nation, must legally fire, which is our right to, The Federal Reserve Bank. It has been a giant Bernie Madoff scheme of sorts, in which, the USA, is about to hit its 100th year of true foreign rule due to it.

What must we do? We are mere normal, everyday Americans, with kids, and real jobs, and commitments to attend to, how can we legally fire the Federal Reserve Bank.

I came up with this acronym, a mere citizen from Kansas. TAIA, or terminate, asset freeze, investigate and asset seize.

Terminate – Legally the Federal Reserve Banks contract to print money.

Asset Freeze – All assets owned by the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank. You can buy a lot of things when the entire nation is your fiscal   slave.

Investigate – Dig deeper in their network to identify their additional hidden assets.

Asset Seize – Seize all of those identified assets. Just like 284 Bernie Madoffs, you just have to sort them out.

This is a counter fiscal coupe (control), of the United States that would put the Americans back in control.

What can I do, I am a truck driver from Freeport?

How do I help, I work as a graphic artist in Eugene?

I am a grandpa from Houston, what can I possibly do?

On every single level, in regard to elected officials, school board, city, county, state and DC, they must all be measured in regard to their willingness to TAIA, or Terminate, Asset Freeze, Investigate and Asset Seize the Federal Reserve Bank.

The first thing, the most important thing, on every single agenda, for every elected body, is to regain control of America.

Every single person that you send to DC, must be for the termination, asset freeze, investigation and asset seizure of the Federal Reserve Bank.

There is no other issue more important than TAIA-FRB, in fact, the FRB will use their media outlets to try to prevent anyone coming to DC that is for it.

States must make their stand against the Federal Reserve Bank, and terminate the Federal Reserve Bank, in which the houses and governors of those states must make a stand. All states must bring the continued employment of the Federal Reserve Bank for the cash for their states to an overt vote.

Individual cities and counties drown by Federal Reserve Bank policies 1913 to present, must pass legislation against the use of the Federal Reserve Bank as a contractor to manage and literally own money for the entire USA.

I am 45, and I have two children, a mortgage, student loans, two gassy bassets and one American mutt. I am not going to leave my children a United States that has been destroyed for them to raise their children in, in which, with the current horrific trajectory of balkanization, division and destruction, America 2048, will not be America anymore, unless we, as individuals, make our stand. Sitting and yelling at the TV just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Most of us have to continue our 50-60 hour a week jobs, but here is some initial brain storming on what we, as a the mass, can do vs. the Federal Reserve Banks absolute fiscal rule of you and your children’s future.

We must educate all Americans in regard to TAIA-FRB.

Understand that there is no “debt,” it is all fictitious, and indeed made up, created by the Federal Reserve Bank to bleed America dry fiscally.

If you can run for office, are you are not a politician, run.

Contact and profile every single person representing you, from school board to DC politicians, and put them in two piles.

A. The elected officials that will introduce, support and force the voting on the termination, asset freeze, investigation and asset seizure of the Federal Reserve Bank.

B. Those that will not, that you will promptly legally fire them.

Some people still read the newspaper. Write your own article on why it is important for your community to promote the termination, asset freeze, investigation and asset seizure of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Post entries on your facebook, web pages and email lists, send out articles, and write articles yourself, on the TAIA-FRB.

Do YouTube videos on why it is important for the USA to legally terminate the Federal Reserve Bank from your point of view.

Go speak at a city council, county commission or school board meeting, and introduce legislation against the continued use of the Federal

Reserve Bank not only by DC, but within your city and states.

Make a list of the top 100 area local grass roots reporters for your area, and help them understand how the Federal Reserve Bank took control of the USA, and their role in the world, specifically November 1963 to present. They have quite a reach.

Get out, and talk to your neighbors, and encourage them to learn more about the current system that is in place.

We, the non-politicians must run for office, on all tickets, republican, democrat, independent, libertarian, you name it, to TAIA-FRB.

Remove from office, from every position, both elected and governmental employee wise, all of those that are against the legal termination of the Federal Reserve Bank.

This entry, could easily be 300 pages, but this is just an introduction, to what the American citizens can do, to free themselves, literally from slavery, giving the money you work for to people that do not care about you at all, that are in fact destroying your nation, from a little kid, that grew up in Kansas.

No, I didn’t fall out of the Kansas sky within a meteor.

Yes, I have flown at high speed tree top level, not with a cape on, but with a patch on, the 101st Airborne Division.

I am not superhuman, I am but one man, but I will legally fight them.

We, the Americans, must legally fight them in the cities, where the citizens live.

We, the Americans, must legally fight them in the counties where the crops are grown, oil drilled, the coal mined and the trains and semi’s roll along.

We, the Americans, must legally fight them in DC, where they are in a state of horrific absolute level of control.

Right now, Hillary Clinton D-NWO, is working feverishly on her 2016 campaign, which isn’t about Democrat or Republican, or middle class or poor, black or white, or any other new division of America, it is about Elitist Federal Reserve Bank Enforcers vs. the Americans.

I look forward to defeating any representative of the Federal Reserve Bank, in Iowa, in Arkansas, in North Carolina, and all of the other states in the union.

We must heal the manmade divisions of America, and focus on the real enemy.

I am running against them, every, single day, in every single way that I can.

Please help me make a better America for our children.

We have no other choice, freedom, or slavery.

Tyler Benjamin Dillon