Guns, Firearms and Weapons Guide Book for Americans



Hi, my name is Tyler Dillon, and I have a question for you,

Is your life worth a Big Mac Meal?

I just finished a book called, Guns, Firearms and Weapons Guide Book for Americans, daily survival tactics and strategy – survive everything from urban predators and gang warfare to nuclear war, shtf and zombie apocalypse attack… that is on amazon right now, at the cost of a big mac meal for the ebook version.

Every single day, in America, completely innocent, good upstanding citizens, that are downright great people, children, teenagers, adults and seniors are murdered by something that is currently called an Urban Predator. 

This book is to help good people, with real full time jobs, and families, teenagers and kids, and older parents, most of us with limited budgets, to survive in modern America as it stands, right now.

Using the core principles of great coaching, instruction and training, we work to develop core citizen survival skills, verses the current  main threats, and make our way outward.

We then, continue to cover a cross section of much more, formidable, and indeed horrific events, from nuclear warfare, bio-genetic warfare, and a cross section of weapons that many of you have never heard of before.  

This book, could indeed, save your family members lives someday.

If you have a child or a teenager now, like I do, this book can definitely help them to survive not only if things stay the same, but if we have a major even that forever changes life as we knew it in America.

Think of it as a, “when really bad things happen to good people, life preserver” of sorts. 

I priced the ebook on Amazon at 5.89, the total local cost of a Big Mac Meal.

Would you give up a Big Mac Meal to help you to better understand  how to survive vs. the Urban Predators that are out on today’s mean streets?

This book is a collection of 38 years of the study of not only firearms, and other weapons, tactics and strategies, conflict styles, along with escape and survival skills.

When you view this work as a 6×9 inch style book, this work is over 500 pages.  I designed it to be a bit of an Odyssey, a Journey for Your Mind, to get you and your children, family and friends, literally ready to handle everything. 

 Need to design a great home alarm system setup… got it covered.

Attacked by four suspects in your home… got it covered.

Attacked while walking to your car at work… got it covered.

26 gang members attacking your family in public…got it covered.

Cat burglar sneaking along the outside of your house… got it covered.

Your teenager is at home alone, with five pedators kicking your door down… got it covered.

The nuclear attack sirens just went off… got it covered.


I will cover a lot of weapons, and event styles, that many of you have never heard of before.    

I want the best outcome for America.

I want the best for my kids, and you kids.

I also want every good American that there is out there, to be safer in the long run.

Well, we are back at point A. 

Is your life worth a Big Mac Meal?

Will you buy the book?

I would wish you good luck, but luck, has nothing to do with it.