What Will Your Legacy Be



What is your tombstone going to say? What are they going to say at your funeral?

“Here lies Hal. When things went really wrong, instead of standing up for his kids, he watched NFL most of the time that he was not at work.”


“Anne was a great woman. She had four kids, watched ABC 35 hours a week, and all four of her kids now in their mid 20’s and compete for 6.25 cent entry level customer service jobs”


“Mike really got riled up when the fiscal crisis hit. He yelled at the TV a lot, and sent out some nasty emails over it, and ate a lot of pizza.”


“Karen, a school teacher for four years after college, could not believe what she saw happening to the country, and decided to run for Senate for the State of Iowa. She then beat an incumbent, 16 year veteran for office, and then served in the US Senate for two terms, helping turn America around.”


“Rudy worked full time as a welder at 40 dollars an hour until the layoffs hit at the plant. He then started drinking heavily until his death four years later in a DUI accident.”


“Steven got laid off at the plant, and got really pissed off for a bit. He then took two jobs, and contacted 2000 of his other friends that got laid off, and talked 20 of them into running for office. Steven, and 3 of his friends were elected to office, in which, they helped make the area a better place to live.



Insert your paragraph here. Be honest.



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