History Repeats Itself...(again, and again, and again, and again)


Many people don’t know what Hyperinflation is, but the term has been thrown around more and more, with parallels between our current country situation and the Weimar Republic, and the start of Nazi German, in which, I could not agree more.
There are the pictures of the wheelbarrows of cash to go buy groceries, but the problem is, is that your pay does not go up, much, if at all.

14.25 per gallon gasoline
9.50 for each loaf of bread
195.00 for a box of 80 diapers
135.00 for your doctor’s office co-pay that was 20.00
8.00 for a small bottle of pop
65.00 for a smaller package of ground beef

Americans are again, not listening to the economists in regard to the fall of the dollar and hyperinflation.

Many of us cannot handle any more bad fiscal news, you just can’t handle it.

Long story short, all of the money that they have “created” by just putting trillions and trillions of un-backed up dollars on the market, is the same, essentially, as drilling more holes in the side of the SS America to speed up the time it would take to sink the vessel.

So we have the bailouts…
The elimination of “real” high quality paying jobs by NAFTA/China Free Trade and related agreements.

When the rope comes tight, the massive inflation period, called Hyperinflation, is going to hit, and hit hard.

Interest rates are going to go up soon, very soon, double digit jumps at a time, just be ready for it. Are you ready if, or when, the dollar collapses in the next 2-4-6 years due to the professional politicians and their owners, the foreign conglomerate of bankers, finally do the American Dollar in?




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