Have All The Kids You Can Pay For
Have All The Kids You Can Pay For

He smiled, “I Got Five Babies and Four Babies Mamas” like he has a great poker hand in the game of life.

Apparently, somewhere, there is a growing trend of having as many babies as you can with as many women that you can out there.

I don’t quite know where they are getting this trend from, but, I can tell you, that we do have a ton of “Playas” out there. It isn’t one race, but from what I can tell, they are starting at about age 16 and not stopping until, gee, I don’t know when.

Playas are those guys that essentially end up with 7-8 kids with 4-5 mothers by the time they are 30 or so, and have no intention in regard to supporting any of them, in any way.

The Other 2 Kids You Are Personally Paying For

You then, the taxpayer, end up with the bill, for just about everything, from birth to 18, and even then, many of the children then will end up in the juvenile justice system before entering the adult penal system, then costing you 50k plus a year or more each.

These Playas are costing you so many millions of dollars, one would wonder… why not do some really hardcore playa hatin??

It takes two to play.

The women involved in this same taxpayer scam are just as guilty as the men.

Many times, the welfare addiction system, in its different forms, are in a 3rd or 4th generation in regard to a way to live, just an accepted norm, with more monthly pay for the more babies that you pump out, regardless of the sperm donor.
This is what I think we need to start doing, some PLAYA HATIN.

These are some things that I think are pretty reasonable, not even in the “hatin” arena.

IF, the public has to pay to support your children, I think these are some pretty fair ways to help reduce “Playa Offenders” for lack of a better term…

The mothers and fathers will both have their pay docked automatically to ensure support payments made.

IF, you cannot make your support payments as a parent (male or female), and the STATE has to jump in to feed your babies, you get on the NO CLUBS/ALOCHOL/SMOKES list, with that plastered right on your STATE ID. No more acting a fool at the club when you are not or cannot support your own kids.

If the taxpayers are out paying for your chain of one night stands, you don’t need to be at the club working on the next babies mamma or daddy. You need to be going to trade school, or class, or something to improve yourself and get a better job.

If you are unemployed or otherwise cannot pay for the child’s support, the amount given to the child’s mother or yourself, is a loan, not a grant, and will be tracked and repaid.

Out styling and profiling in a pimped out ride, a 28k SUV, 6k paint job, riding on 5k rims, and you have three babies from two mothers that you owe 44k in back payments on, say allow to my little friend, Mr. Tow Truck.

You should not have 39k in “decked out ride” going down the road, and the state is putting pampers on your babies and putting food on the table.
Just like the 1942 CARD, you can only get food staples and own a vehicle worth a blue book value of 8,000 dollars. No more people abusing the system with a 42k dollar SUV out shopping with their state food card. That time is over.
On your state ID card, you will have your name, your marriage status and your number of kids, number of mothers or fathers, right up front.

Name: Tony Doe – Single – 5 kids, 4 Mothers

Name: Marsha Kinkaid – Single – 5 kids by 4 fathers

Welfare Addiction 9 Step Classes

Just like getting someone out of a gang, or out of a cult, you have to help the children of decades and decades of learned welfare addiction AND eliminate the programs that encourage the women to have as many kids as possible in fatherless families.

They have to see something other than what many of them grew up in, not just on TV, to literally have to be helped in regard to not becoming a member of the welfare entitlement line.

It’s almost like we need a DARE program for children of welfare, with the most at risk, those 12-15 years old, to help keep them from being young teen parents.

There at not any easy answers to this one, but we have to have very focused programs to help reduce this element of the entitlement addicted population.

Death Row Playas

There was a guy on death row on TV, had been on death row for around 15 years, and he had 6 kids aged 1 to around 9 or so, (that were biological kids), from conjugal visits, or something. I could not freaking believe it.

Am I the only one that thinks that your reproduction should be put on pause during any prison time?
Who do you think is paying for those children?

You and your children, and I am going to say it, your children’s children. YOU, ARE, THEIR SLAVES.

You work for them, with no benefit to yourself.

You are a slave indeed.


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