Bill The Bad Guys 95/hr Per Field Unit

In many cities around the USA, each city will have businesses that look the other way when illegal activities are going on, all of the time, because they are making money off of it, but when one thing goes wrong, they want the police out to clean up the mess.

This then happens, again, and again, and again ,and again, and again, and again, well, you get the point. The problem is, that during every “and again,” those police officers, EMS/Fire or other responders are:

Not able to make a call to save your butt because they are stuck there on yet another drunk, drug, prostitution or other related case.

This then ends up costing you millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars due to additional cases, assaults, murders, drug dealing, etc… Divvying up the Cash.

These locations, many of them seedy motels, bars and other related drug dealing locations, make hand over fist money on the drug dealers that are working out of the location, so, why not start hitting them where it hurts, in the pocketbook.


Going Elliott Ness On Them

Start billing businesses that let drug dealers, drunks, pimps and pushers for any response to their location. The message is, is that you have to clean up your clientele, or, you are going to be billed 95/hr for each police officer that ends up out there. For each response out to your location, at the time of the call, with a literal Visa account on file for identified “high problem business” locations, or lose their occupancy/business license.

Bill the businesses that for 10-20 plus years, have ran drugs and other crime syndicate style operations, and been a huge drain on the taxpayers coffers, if they don’t change immediately.


Teen Hits Highway Sign From Moving Truck

The 11,734 Idiots Looking For Their Village

 Don’t forget them in your city.

These are the guys that get a few beers in them, and cheap shot someone (punch them), a stranger in the jaw, breaking the strangers jaw and causing a bar fight with 8 officers having to respond to it to now shut down a larger bar fight, along with the EMS and FIRE response. Bill that guy.

Bill him for the 8 officers at 95/hr for each hour that they are there. EMS billing should be made out to the suspect also, not the victim. FIRE should also bill him for the unit that had to respond with the police unit at 95/hr per firefighter.

IF, the police helicopter has to get involved, like the suspect sucker punched the guy, got into a bigger fight in the parking lot, and went on a 2 block DUI drive with 2 officers trying to stop him along with the helicopter, bill the 700/hr that it takes to keep that thing in the air to him. Impound his vehicle, and hold it until the total is paid.

If he can’t pay the bill in a week, and can’t get his vehicle out of impound, auction it.

Then garnish his paycheck until paid. Then repeat, on each moron that really stands out in a crowd, the ones that thinks it’s funny to hurt people.

If you use Maytag Man Billing, you have billing, not related to the punishments related to the court process, for each involving “strangers hurting citizens.”

Until your city smacks down the businesses that are making money on your areas drug dealers and the “true idiots” within your city, they will just continue to victimize you and your fellow citizens.


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