Rethinking Child Rape Punishment
Now tell me again why we quit hanging child rapists??
I am actually kind of surprised how many times a month a infant is raped by an adult male…a 3 day old to a 3 (three) month old baby being raped by an adult male over 18, many times 35-45 years old.

“Well, that likely only happens once or twice a year in the state” some may say, but they are dead wrong.

It makes me wonder…

“What is the social value for keeping these guys around??”

I could not think of any.

We don’t need them for the workforce.

We don’t need them around our kids.

We don’t need them working with our family members.

I personally don’t think that the death penalty is excessive punishment for a baby rapist.

If you were on a initial committee on revamping the punishment laws for the rapes of babies, children and teens in for your state and worded it like this, and asked for input via the internet in which one entry per IP address (computer), could be added, I would bet a dime that hanging/firing squad and other forms of instant death would come up quite often.

Put it out for a statewide request for input on the internet…

“An adult found guilty of raping a baby or child, born through age 12, shall…
A. Be sentenced to five years in prison
B. Be put on probation for five years and go to rehabilitation classes
C. Be sentenced to a mandatory 20 years in prison
D. Be sentenced to a mandatory HARD 60 years in prison.
E. Be sentenced to death.

If they get five years, they are going to be out on the streets in 3-4 years and then back on the prowl.

Probation for five years is nothing and going through the motions in a “its bad to rape babies” class would still have a sexual predator on the loose.

20 years, if he is 22, he will get out and rape again.

60 years in prison, he may die in prison.

Dead baby and child rapists don’t re-offend.

They Are Out There Every Day
They Are Out There Every Day...

The White Panel Van Man

Sexual predators are out there, each day, watching your kids.

Hunting your kids, driving around, watching what your kids are doing, trying to find that one kid that walks home alone, is a bit weaker than the others, or has to walk quite a ways home.

Reports of these scumbags trying to get kids happen all of the time, again. They use props.. the found puppy, candy, etc… anything they can do to get your kid just a bit closer to their vehicle.

Short of having to teach your six year old Silat Suffian Bela Diri (speed kills of a larger opponent with a knife), we have to really start again, knocking the wheels out from underneath them, because this is warfare.

They want your kids.

We want to protect our kids.

Many of them will be driving in the area of children getting out of school, nude from the waist down masturbating while driving.

Many of them drive what Navy Seals would call “snatch and grab” friendly vehicles, the classical large van, and other vehicles, but it could indeed by any car that your child gets pulled into by a child rapist.

The Answer: Total Warfare vs. Child Rapists

There are two kinds of child rapists.

The ones that have been caught and the ones that are out there, like sharks patrolling the waters around schools, literally, each day.

A Sick Logo Associated w/Pedos

Here are some ideas that I think would help in the fight. Please email me any ideas that you have in regard to this topic.

Take their cars and all driving privileges away. Knock their transportation out from underneath them by passing law that states “if an adult is found guilty of rape of a newborn through a 13 year old, that person shall automatically loose their drivers license in the state of Kansas FOR LIFE, their ability to own a vehicle in KANSAS for life along with ability to work in any job that would give them access to children (as outlined later).

Q?: Well, I realized that the guy raped the neighbors 5 year old a few years ago, but he has to be able to drive to work, you know??? (someone in the group would say it out of 100 people).
A: Well, actually, he does not.

He does not have to drive at all.

In fact, he can’t drive at work. He can’t be the ice cream man, or the newspaper delivery man (had a really bad rape case where a child was raped by a person delivering newspaper adds in the afternoon) by jerking a kid on skates in their driveway and raping her in his station wagon.

They don’t have to drive.

They shouldn’t drive at all. Its like giving a person the keys to a vehicle, that has been identified as a child rapist, and letting him have at it. They can’t have “to and from work” limited drivers licenses, because they can’t be trusted at all, at all with a vehicle.

Child rapists, and indeed everyone, does not have the right to drive. Americans think of it as a right of passage, in which, it kind of is as a teen maturing into an adult, but not if you are going to rape kids, sorry.

Jerk all of their drivers licenses now, for all child rapists, and then also enforce the no vehicle ownership portion, with them having no ownership to any vehicle.

Don’t Worry Man, You Can Borrow My Car

Any person guilty of letting them use their vehicle to go out and about, to horse around, cruise by a elementary school, and get stopped for failing to signal, or something parallel to that…

The car gets impounded and sold, the profits going to non-profits that help the victims of child rape.

The owner of the car looses their driver’s license and ability to own a vehicle for a year in Kansas.

The get charged with ACCESSORY TO LET A CHILD RAPIST DRIVE MOTOR VEHICLE WHILE UNATTENDED , which would be on our state law books, and get additional punitive costs and loss of freedom.

If any existing pedophiles think that the laws in Kansas are just to rough on them, please, feel free to move to another state and be transferred into their sexual predator tracking system.

#2: Four Paragraphs of Information on each PEDO on the website

On many websites where you can lookup the areas child rapists, it will just have one line of four or five words on the charge title, ie: Agg Ind Lib With Child, and not much else.

To a layperson, they know something there was really wrong, and this person is on the list, but, what actually happened?

Why is this person on this list?

What would you rather have on the guy that lives on the house on the other side of your north neighbor?

Four words in regard to a charge title vs. even 2-4 paragraphs. I think that everyone deserves 3-4 paragraphs of what these bastards are doing to our kids.


“In June of 1988, John Doe, while cursing the parking lot of XYZ Elementary, snatched and grabbed a 8 year old, then transported that 8 year old into the country and raped the child, kicking it out of the car, thinking that the child could not identify him.

During the commotion of kicking the child out of the car, Mr John Does work id fell on the ground adjacent to the crime scene, unbeknownst to him. 40 minutes later, a farmer cutting out some brush saw the 8 year old walking nude next to the road, and walked to the scene as he was on his cell phone, seeing the ID on the beaten ground where the suspects vehicle had been.

Officers then responded to John Does residence, in which, the suspect, car description and description of a large birthmark on his chest area matched exactly with the 8 year old victim. Shortly after Mr Doe was taken into custody at Jr’s Bar near his home, claiming he knew nothing about what the officers were talking about.

Lab results from the skin under the 8 year olds finger nails and the rape kit on the child confirmed that the suspect was Mr. John Doe, in which he plead no contest to charges”

That paints a much more vivid picture of what you have living next door than, AGG IND LIB CHILD or something like that for a civilian.

No More Discounts Available

You can’t discount this entry on what happened.

The suspect can’t claim to his neighbors or co-workers that he is “wrongly on the sexual predator list because he was 17 and had sex with his 15 year old girlfriend and got “wrangled” onto the list for life.
Every single state should have at a minimum of four paragraphs on the WORST THING THAT THE SUSPECT HAS DONE. The title of the charge that landed them on the list is just not good enough.

Right on their Kansas ID card, because they can’t get a drivers license under the proposed changes, would have CHILD RAPIST in 14 point red writing right on the front of it. Can’t miss that. Kinda jumps out at your eyes. Even hardcore career felons hate pedos.

They are required by law to carry that ID card every time that they are outside of their homes, becoming a card carrying PEDO, so to speak.


When you start to have a sexual predator work an area, looking for a kid, you have two ways to go as a decision maker. A, you include the teachers and admin to be on the lookout and assign additional available resources to the school police officer wise (if you have any), or B, you blow them up… you tell everyone.

Tell the parents…
Tell the kids…
Tell the beat officers…
Tell the firefighters for the area…
Tell everyone.

If you are looking for a canary yellow GMC Pacer with a White male, huge bushy gray beard, dirty looking that wears a lime green shirt, put that out. Someone is going to spot that vehicle for you, especially if you work well with area radio stations.


Population 739,853 Americans

So, we have enough people to fill all of Charlotte NC with just child sexual predators that have been IDENTIFIED.. and with only ohhhhhh.. 30% of them ID’d, how many do we have out there still.. hmmmm… 2,466,176 out there…or possilby a bit less…or more.

If you look at the “work” created each day by the 739k that are not in prison, re offending, injuring children, again, I wonder about their worth out there among the free.


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