Harley War Motorcycle
Harley and America Went To War -- WW2 Motorcycle


When you compete with slave labor, you become a slave.

We have had our industrial production and manufacturing and other related ability to build/make/construct just about anything moved to Mexico or China, along with a few other countries, but mostly Mexico and China, in the pursuit of slave level cheap labor.

Historians note that in the 70’s, the Chinese version of managing people, social control, social engineering, was picked by top family members of “king” style families, and the jobs left and won’t be coming back without very dynamic, and corruption free, executive office level decision making.

What are some things that we can’t make for our entire population if needed due to wars of various types.

Clothing Prodution

If we have a “major fallout” with China effecting the pacific basin, suddenly, the clothing industry shipped there, and its flow of goods, stop. If suddenly all the clothing that is “for sale” at the stores across America was reduced to just that clothing MADE IN THE USA, what would you have, 5% of the stock, 3% or less?


Vehicles:  Many confused people think that “American” looking or even branded cars are made in the USA.

A friend said they wanted to get a good, American made car, like a PT Cruiser. I had the wretched task of telling her that would be great, but they are made in Toluca, Mexico. Daimler-Chrysler, (recalling that Daimler are those funny guys that made the trucks/war machine materials for the Nazis) that killed your grandfathers, have produced over 1 million PT cruisers in Mexico.  I wish they were called Toluca Cruisers.

The Second Layer of the Vehicle Manufacturing Cake You actually have a two tier problem.

We cannot now supply our need for new vehicles, alone within America for the civilian and commercial markets, but, on the second tier, we cannot quickly gear up our industrial base, which has been killed, shelled out, and buried, for wartime.

Many warfare planners when looking at modern warfare, will claim essentially that what you bring to the party, the onset of the war, is what you will have for the entire war, for wars are now won and lost in days, weeks, possibly a few months, and not years, or even, decades.

Q?: Man, what the heaack are you talkin’ about, gearing up for wartime man, we are at war right now Tyler?

We are not at TOTAL WORLD WAR now, we are performing an elongated policing action that includes counter-insurgency warfare, but, it is not unleashed TOTAL GLOBAL WARFARE on the scale of WW1 or WW2 respectively.

On 31 March 1945, the USA alone had 8,150,000 troops, and ended up with 91 combat divisions, (an entire list is here at this link),

http://www.historyshots.com/usarmy/ListDivisions.cfm?t=3&d=All so if we had to really mobilize and fight an elongated conventional war, we could not.

In 1945, the US had an estimated 132 million people, and we had 91 combat divisions.

If you carry it over to current day, with 315 million people, so, if we were at TOTAL GLOBAL WAR, and had the same percentage of combat divisions according to the population, we would have 217 combat divisions engaged vs. the enemy around the world.

Two hundred and seventeen combat divisions kicking butt and not taking any names. Right now, we have 10 (ten) combat divisions.

We could not fuel even the 1945 level of militarization because the car plant production capability, that during WW2 were converted into TANK, APC and heavy truck production, are gone now, and unless citizens start running the country instead of professional politicians.

The “good guys,” America, France, England and other supportive countries lost over 5 million soldiers dead, 12 million wounded and 4 million “missing” during WW1 from 1914-1918. What if we really square off with a cluster of countries that are hell bent on destroying the USA, and it goes global, but not nuclear, like many figure it will, again, we have this:


This book, is a pretty good book on how we have been sold out, covering the sale of nuclear blast resistant computer chips (they go on nuclear warheads (inbound) that are pointed at the USA by China), along with the sale of super computers to help build their national defense grid and clone, along with the fact that computerized valves of some sort from China actually control the flow of much of our public water supply.


It is so bad, I could not even make this up.

Is the war over, and we lost, but we just don’t know it yet?


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