US National Defense Spending (Overt) vs. Covert

A man the age of your great grandfather told you, a man called Dwight Eisenhower, a former leader of the free world’s Armies vs. the Nazi’s, warned you during his farewell presidential address that the US military contractor establishment was going to take over, and even voiced concerns in regard to the arms manufacturers and supporters “circumventing the US government” on January 17th, 1961.
Now you won’t find an American more into the national defense, than myself possibly.

The overt DOD budget for 2010 is: 680,000,000,000 dollars and I don’t know how many cents.

Now, this does not include the money that is given to the Department of Homeland Security for the Border Patrol and other related efforts. It’s not the Border Patrol Officers that are the problems, it is the career politicians.

If you look at the surface of the goals of the US Military, one would easily draw three surface goals:

Be able to assist in securing our borders vs. invasion of any type.

Be able to conduct offensive and defensive conventional warfare operations.

Be able to conduct low intensity and counter terrorism operations around the world, quickly.

Right now, our southern border is completely open.

It is open, because they want it open, not because they can’t close it, it is open, because the powers that be, benefit from:

Moving their manufacturing operations south of the border, and importing billions of dollars of products into the USA for sale while paying the Mexicans 1/10th or so of what their laid off American counterparts made.

They make money from laundering the money from the cross border drug trade. One economist said that if we cut off the drug trade money profits, many banks would actually tip over and fail.

The corporate farms that are tended to by the abused Mexican laborers still need them. They apparently could not figure out how to transfer the American top soil south of the border, yet.

If we wanted to secure the southern border, we could.

If you had a budget of 680 Billion dollars, what could you do?

We use to ensure that the supply line for oil, from the Middle East to the USA, was open and rolling well.

The Worlds Nuclear Policemen

Now, we are the world’s full blown policeman.

We are now also in charge of trying to police the worlds loose or almost loose nukes, and fence with (the sport), daily the madmen that want their own nuclear bombs, not for some type of deterrent, but to apply them in our cities.

This topic is covered within the entry Slumdog Nukes.


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