Public Humiliation of Candidates
Keep The Sheep In Line


So, here I am, asking “normal everyday” people to run for office, across city, county and even the “f” word offices, federal, and most don’t.

Not because of feeling that they have one way or another in regard to how things can be fixed.

Not because of the pay.

Not because of the benefits.

They don’t run for office because of the public humiliation by the national, regional and local news media.

They are worried that their family will face attack and public embarrassment, and decide not to even run at all. When I spoke to people in regard to if they would run for office, this was a resounding message, again, and again, and again.

Where is the dirt story on Candidate X?, which is more like Hollywood entertainment news vs. where they actually stand on the top 10 or so issues at hand, that, is kind of, forgotten many times.


HOW DARE…how dare a national presidential candidate go outside the lines, and not pick a candidate that has not gone thru a news vulture personal history hack job.

The news media, special interest groups opposed to Palin and others took planes, trains and automobiles to Alaska upon her being put on the ticket for president, not to see where she stood on the issues, but to destroy her in any way possible in regard to any element in her life.

They came up with, well, not much.

I wonder how much money they spent on the trophy hunt that didn’t produce that knockout story, like, “Palin did a keg handstand at age 16,” or “Palin made out with a senior while being a junior in highschool,” you know, important stuff like that, that the American public needs to know.

The Axe Man
Another thing that really pisses me off are the professional politicians that have to use their junior aids, or workers as axe men.

“The communications officer for The Career Politician for Governor” camp said that you did (insert claim here that has nothing to do with the race, be it true, false or quite a bend in the truth)…in which, the old pros mud sling, cut each others throats and otherwise try to drown each other in a pool of pee, which to me:

Still does not show me where they stand on what is important…

Shows that they lived a life vs. being sheltered by their mamas…

Are human…

When I filed for office, I thought about emailing a pic of myself in a red speedo to all of the news agencies to just get it over with and move along to the topics at hand.

I want a human and not one of these career ass clowns to represent me in all levels of government. Dudley Do Rights that haven’t done anything, and I mean anything, other than pad their resume and build up their political base since being a freshman in college SUCK.

They have no idea what a real job is, not working outside of politics for a paycheck for over 10 years.

They have no idea what it is like to physically toil 12-14 hours a day in the sun for a living.

Many of them are second or third generation professional politicians, which is only worse.



Given, not everyone goes to YOUTUBE, or even uses the internet, but, with a 100 dollar camera, and time, you can show the public directly where you stand on topic, after topic, after topic.

Yes, your rivals can take a snip-it and try to spin it, but, the truth is out there. People will find your entry if you do it right, and if entered into some good emails to the right people, can greatly help you get the word out.

Don’t let them, the professional politicians or dirt farmers, keep you out of running for office.



So, still feel that you can’t run for office. Maybe you are somehow so stretched that you just can’t do it, no way.

Support someone, that will represent you, and not a major corporation.
Go and help them do something, do something to change the road that we are on.

Put a old school sign in your yard, hell, make a cardboard sign and put one in the yard if your candidate can’t afford them…

Get the word out in regard to the best candidate to help you, your family and friends in the coming, very, hard times…

Without your help, they can’t win, and champion your cause, your family, your children.


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