1942 Grocery List
From Junk Food and Candy to Core Staple Foods

In Kansas, we have a thing called a Vision Card. I am sure the other states have their own cards and programs.

It is suppose to be a food based assistance card, but, after seeing a slew of really bad abuses personally,

I asked a ton of Kansans what they had seen also, and was sickened.

Personally, while going to the store to get 25 bucks worth of stuff, (which isn’t much now, is it), there were a couple of “meth head” looking persons going thru the meat section like they were on Supermarket Sweep (just tossing in high dollar steak after steak, not worried about the cost).
I got a few other items, and then was lucky enough to be in line behind them at the store, in which, they got a ton of steaks and not one single other thing, and were really excited about going to a “cookout” in which, they were both giving every single indicator that they were about to go smoke up some crack.

No milk. No juice. No fruits. No vegetables, no nothing for any kids.

Judging by their pupils, they were a crack rock short of a quarry, and were going to actually take the steaks and trade them for drugs.

Wonderful huh?

Again and again, and again, you hear stories about the usually 17-30 year old parent that is “smacked out” on meth, cocaine, that leave their kids with their parents, and use their Vision card for themselves to buy junk food or workout trades for drugs.

A friend had a great story.

She was in the checkout line at WalMart, with the mother trying to checkout with a basket filled with complete junk, all just sugar based foods and crap that would put any kid first into line at a Ritalin clinic while in school. The mom of course had a 5k looking ring on, her nails done, and flipped out on the checker when her card credit amount was a bit short for the purchase.

Other scams mentioned were persons using the card to get food to trade then for cigarettes, then the Current Welfare Card customer would go to the area food banks, one after another and get a weeks worth of food.

Another version of this is homeless persons that eat at area shelters and then use their Current Welfare Card, again, to trade out food or other items for drugs.
I propose that we move from The Current Welfare Card System to The 1942 Card and just cut out all of the ridiculousness currently involved, taxpayer money waste, including state funded drug and child neglect/abuse.

The New 1942 Card

We change the name of the program from The Vision Card to The 1942 Card.

Essentially, you can buy core foods, fresh and canned fruits, milk, juices and other non processed foods.

Ground beef, deli meats, cheese, etc.. is fine, but no processed, quick fix foods. IT IS BASIC, HIGLY NUTRITIONAL 1942 BASED COOKING.

No frozen pizza, TV dinners, bottled water, junk food from gas stations and connivance stores.

No ice cream, no junk.

It’s all NOT covered under the 1942 Card Program.

No sugary foods. No pop.

No “drinks” that are posing as juices that are just sugar on top of sugar.

We may accidently lower the behavior problems in public schools by 15-25% due to diet changes.

It is basic 1942 style cooking. Create a channel on YOUTUBE and have a CD that can be given to 1942 Card Holders to learn how to cook from scratch.

No more stacks of 28.00 steaks to trade for drugs…

If you are on this kind of public assistance, there is no need for other things.

When you are on the 1942 Card, your DRIVERS LICENSE OR STATE ID has that information on it.

If you have 1942 CARD on your photo id, you are on a no-buy list for alcoholic drinks along with a temporary voluntary ban from going to bars and clubs.

Q?: WHAT??? You are saying that I can’t live off the public tit anymore and get drunk three nights a week at home and go to the club FRI/SAT every week?

Well, uhhhh, yes I am.

If you have to use this program, you need to cut out the recreational drinking and drugs, (sorry, you are going to have to do a random UA every month), but also, we are going to ensure that…

You receive occupational improvement counseling and are guided correctly towards vocational or other educational / employment programs that can ensure that you can reach your highest employment levels and be able to get off public assistance, and you show weekly progress towards meeting those goals.

If you are on public assistance due to a deadbeat parent, that deadbeat parent will be billed for ½ of the cost of your payments, their monthly pay being garnished and also put on the NO DRINKING / BAR HOPPING LIST.
There are two routes to go down with the 1942 Card.

There is the supermarket program in which you are assigned to a local store to buy your items from for your family or the Homeless Version that credits the locations you are eating your meals at with your monetary credits.

This Is For The Kids

I am personally sickened in regard to how effective the program is now. I also want an abuse hotline/email complaint system put in place, with the phone number/1942CARD.COM site posted at all grocery stores that accept the 1942 CARD.
We are going to get calls from grandparents and other relatives that are taking care of their relatives kids, in which their 20 year old is on meth, and is not using any of what was their Vision Card money to feed their kids.

Suddenly, the relatives that are raising the kids can make the proper arrangements to switch the card for the kids to their name, along with professional SRS style involvement. Every child that is covered within this program is tracked in regard to ensuring that they are getting the nutritional food that they need.


The new contract states that the 1942 CARD amount used is a loan. When you get back on your feet, earning over a set amount per year, 5% of your paycheck will go to paying back the overall program coffers via mandatory direct deposit until your amount is paid in full.



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