Wargames… aren’t games.

These are not platoon level war games played online, or simulations of nuclear exchanges between the superpowers, but actual computer based warfare.
The Chinese make more of our laptop/desktop computers, servers and network related computing hardware (with internal software), than anyone else.

The Chinese have attacked the Pentagon to test the wire, and literally have hundreds of thousands of organized and rogue hackers ready to attack our overall networks.


Iranian Nuke Sites

Their biggest setbacks, hackers.  Not bombs, or their nuclear engineers vehicles exploding on the way to work, but hackers.  I expect Iran to return the favor soon.


The Pearl Harbor of Cyber Warfare

When the USA attacked IRAQ, we did a bit of a dirty trick. We had sold them their long range anti-aircraft systems, called HAWK batteries, and right when we were launching aircraft to take out the HAWK systems, to gain free reign of the skys, we shut them off remotely via computer networks.

If you reverse war game an attack on the USA, also called TEAM B’ing it, things don’t look very good for the USA if the Chinese decide to REALLY GO ALL OUT on us in regard to cyber warfare. Computer geeks will indeed, rule the world, for a few hours.



What if this happened, in a time range of oh, at least 15 minutes during a normal Thursday, around noon central time.

Instead of taking off from an aircraft carrier parked off of Hawaii, it would be launched, from a nice, dark office somewhere deep in a cyber warfare bunker in the heart of China.

1015237950122837598037198057231974589382143 Attacks


A code is released across the world wide web, within computers shipped to America, that when activated within a computer hardware made in China, causes the device itself to overclock, to overspeed, to destroy itself over the matter of minutes, to a day or so if left powered up.

Those computers in America, targeted via their IP address, that were not made in China are also attacked by programs that cause the software to overheat the hardware, and also destroy itself over the next day or so due to overheating.

Daingiitttt!!! Raymond Is In My Home Computer Honey!!!

The software that runs on the “citizens” computers is attacked first, along, of course with the commercial computer clusters. They start malfunctioning, causing “goofy” problems and slow downs, but is actually there to mask the internal “fire grenade” style damage being done to the computer itself.

Right when the computer detects that the hardware is almost done destroying itself, it also ticks down the destruction of the saved information on the computer.

That mischief style program, if the computer is brought “back to speed” detects the new part, and melts it also.

Banks have their mega servers killed by this super computer virus and countdown code attack.
All things “citizen” that have a computer, have specific attack, designed just for their hardware and software systems, are killed.

The pump at the gas station, smoked hardware and software wise.

You knew that something is wrong, when go to the ATM machine, and your account balance is 235,385,903,235 and twenty three cents.

The next thing you know, the ATM is off, and it won’t be back on for “quite a while.”

They will attack the citizens first, to sink the economy in an hour and then turn their Cyber Armor towards the Pentagon. They don’t want the Pentagon flipping out until they are directly under attack.

Not Another Day At The Pentagon Water Cooler

The Chinese then specifically then move to destroy the pentagon, national security and other governmental computer networks. The above cited article notes that the Pentagon uses more than 5 million computers on 100,000 networks in 65 countries will be under attack by the most elite hackers..

Midway Fail

The thousands of Americans hired to reverse crack on the Chinese, that we have, are dead in the water with their Made in China router part that is giving off “that weird soldiering smell” as it is melting. “The road” computer wise, back to the Chinese hackers, has been destroyed or locked down, locking our response out.

The American hackers wonder how their supply of Mountain Dew and Cheesy Puffs will ever be replenished.

Mummy, Did You Say No More Ebay?

How computers talk to each other, the overall network infrastructure including the servers that maintain them as they, the attack, has burned the computers for the American businesses and homes, then the Pentagon, and the overall “modern internet,”the way they communicate to each other, is then destroyed.

The internet, and its servers, and their websites, stop.
No more ebay as usual.
No more work if you use a computer at work.
No electricity.
No TV.

Q?: Well Mr. Smarty Pants, big deal, the big fancy computer dork Apocalypse story, who cares man?

My point is, is that all computers, routers, servers and other related computer parts and components of our home, business, national defense and security networks should be made in the USA.

This also isn’t about China, this is about the corporate leaders of the USA putting the USA in this incredibly vulnerable position.



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