Manportable Nukes
155 mm Man Portable Nuclear Weapon
Many people ask “why are we in Afghanistan” again, and again, and again.

Maybe its the income from the 80 Bil/year poppy fields that dark ops are running vis a vis Air America or Southern Air Transport?

Maybe its the mineral mining deposits there?

Maybe its for the control of the oil pipleline that was scheduled to be built across it just prior to 9/11.

Others speculate that it is just to have a base for an eastern front for IRAN in the future vs. their expanding nuclear proliferation efforts.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but what they are worried about are transportable nuclear warheads, one of the 110 Chinese Warheads or so that Pakistan has, falling into the hands of Moslem terrorists.

We, the USA have gone into Pakistan and tested their security for their nuclear sites, in which, their security level was an utter and complete FAIL.

Your tax money, in the hundreds of millions and millions of dollars is going to now try and strengthen defenses in and around nuclear sites there.

What the major concern and focus now, is a Moslem or a Moslem sympathizer would be able to “shoplift” or remove a nuke without having to have a team of terrorists hit a nuke site, having 2-5 nukes heading towards the USA shortly after being liberated.

Nuclear Explosion


It has been no secret that it is the goal of extremists to get a manpack (one person transportable), nuke into the USA and hit a city, or even multiple cities. Can you imagine how this would effect the USA?

What kind of an effect would a nuclear device have if they were able to get two of them to the west coast of the USA, and detonate one in LA and one in San Francisco on the same afternoon in July?

Now given, if the USA knew that there were two loose nukes from Pakistan, you would think that they would completely close the borders and push a containment area in regard to no travel through the pacific basin, but, what if they didn’t know if it was missing?… in regard to a “shoplifted slumdog nuke.”

Instant martial law.
Whoever was in office would be in office for quite some time

Cession of the use of things like the Senate and Congress (if DC was not hit itself as a second target).
Fallout from a ground blast raining across the USA with the hard fallout of course going up into the atmosphere and falling to the east.

Abdul Qadeer Khan, a leading Pakistani nuclear scientist even helped IRAN, NORTH KOREA and LYBIA develop weapon grade nuclear programs, in which, his punishment was house arrest.

He was just released from house arrest in Pakistan, in which, it is surprising that he has not woke up with a Columbian necktie on.

The Nuclear False Flag

This one is truly sick false flag.

Can you imagine how bad it would be to have a nation run a nuclear based false flag operation?
Pakistan, (or another country that does not have control of its nukes), either admits to “losing one” or losing control of one or more of them, then, it is leaked to the press, and wala, two days later, a nuclear device is detonated very close or actually within the USA to allow a regime to declare martial law and open Pandora’s box?
This is why when Russia fell apart, we went in with billions of dollars to help clean up the nuclear program, and try and figure out how many loose nuclear warheads were out there.



War gamers, at the Pentagon, and other related places to it, have likely war gamed the “Attack on Pakistan Nuclear Warhead Storage Sites” again, and again, and again, in regard to figuring out what to do, or how to deal with it.

In Iraq we are actually rope-a-doping, holding back our truly cutting edge weapons that you only catch hints of here and there.

When that “distress signal” goes out on one of their nuke sites, it would not surprise me one bit if the site itself doesn’t experience a “battlefield nuke” detonation to ensure that the area is secured for additional containment teams.

There are no easy answers to this dilemma.

IF we are in Afghanistan for any other reason in the world, other than to have bases to help quickly secure Pakistani nuke sites, I sure would like to know, along with ohhhhh 120,353,531 or so Americans.

The rest of the Americans are too busy watching TV to care.


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