Wanat: No Retreat
150-200 Taliban Fighters vs. Handfull of Americans and No Retreat/Surrender


What if we had a 18 congressmen and senators being hit by 150 Taliban, out in the middle of nowhere, in an un-defendable valley, for weeks, would things change?

It was July, and the troops were running out of frills, like, WATER.


Not high speed internet, or electricity, WATER.


is a link to watch it yourself.

150 Radicals vs. Handfull of Americans

This is a link to a video where 9 US Army soldiers were killed, stuck out in the middle of nowhere, with no timely support, in which, 9 of the 10 were killed after 15 months of constant combat in a village area called Wanat.

I wonder what would happen if we lost 9 long term, career politicians to 150 Taliban out in the middle of nowhere?

Would replace them with 18 more politicians??? Maybe throw in some 3 stars?

How could we ever replace the politicians?

The soldiers that are in the US Military are not just there to be cannon fodder. They are not just there to take their chances in regard to making it out physically without getting shot to bits.
It is clear from even this small report that every single element of leaving these guys out where they were, was a death sentence.

If we are just going to do that, just set servicepersons up like sitting ducks, why not just drop our two million felons that are in our prisons in lumps of 50 all over the place and arm them?

Here are the names of the servicepersons that were completely, utterly failed by the US Military. They, and their families, and children, deserved so much more.
3/4ths of the soldiers there, were killed at the scene

9 Soldiers Died For A Piece Of Land That
Was Left To The Enemy The Next Day

Jonathan P. Brostrom
Israel Garcia
Jonathan R. Ayers
Jason M. Bogar
Jason D. Hovater
Matthew B. Phillips
Pruitt A. Rainey
Gunnar W. Zwilling
Sergio S. Abad

You will not be forgotten…

The leadership command chain that left you high and dry, out in the middle of nowhere, will not be forgotten either.


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