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The Bayonet Lobby At Work


I was talking to a individual about running against a professional career politician, and he asked me, “well, uhhhh, what lobby do you have backing you?, in which, I told him, I guess I would start with The Bayonet Lobby.

There are different elements within The Bayonet Lobby that is backing myself, a non-politician vs. a career professional Washington DC primed and fluffed creampuff.

Armed Services Veterans are a strong core within the Bayonet Lobby.

Labeled by the current federal government as potential terrorists, which is repayment for the lifelong physical injuries they many times carry to the grave.

Here is the most noteworthy thank you that the federal government has recently given our veterans for their sacrifices:
“The return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks.

Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to right-wing extremists,” it says. “DHS/I&A is concerned that right-wing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize veterans in order to boost their violent capacities.”

Every time a read the above entry, I am forced to take a break for a moment and relax.

The Korean era veterans that froze their asses off, for years, without full support of the US government vs. the Chinese, with almost 129,000 dead and wounded, and this is the thanks they get. Kids these days don’t know squat about the entire Korean “conflict.”

The Vietnam era veterans that were knee deep in Agent Orange, in triple canopy jungle, took over 214,000 dead, wounded and MIA, and this is the pat on the back that they get. They got spit on at the airport, they got left behind, they got screwed over, again, and again, and again. When will it stop?
They are a lot grayer now, but wiser, and completely sickened by the fiscal sacking of the US government by the feds.
The Desert Shield/Storm era soldiers, that are still dying of the shots they got, the nerve agents they were exposed to, and the lethal tank munitions radioactive dust, that are bedridden mid to late forty year olds, this is your thanks.
We can’t even count the dead from that Desert Shield/Storm, because they are still dying from the effects from the shots.
The veterans of the Iraq, Afghanistan and Global War on Everyone That Wants to Kill Americans, with an admitted 55,000 dead and wounded at this time of this work.
I was watching an interview of a female soldier that had her entire shoulder knocked off by a RPG explosion in her Humvee, and this is the best the federal government can do, consider her a possible terrorist.
Her main concern: being someday able to have a baby, and how she could ever hold it with only one arm.

We have National Guardsmen that are doing 2-3 tours in “the sandbox,” and then coming back the USA to find out that they are now on a no gun list due to taking a class to prevent PTSD. They put their life on the line, like our other service veterans, and wala, no guns.

No guns, means no freedom. Many also get the bonus of being laterally tacked onto the no fly list, with the “lists” being interchangeable.

There is one main core item that we all share, the defense of the Constitution. It was in the oath that we took:

I, ____________, do solemnly swear, or affirm, that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…

So help me God…

Not so help me Darwin…

No so help me Muhammad…

No so help me unless I give up…

No so help me unless the going gets rough then I will quit…

So help me GOD…

We weren’t out defending globalism…

We didn’t sign up to defend seventeen new federal departments set up at the federal level to regulate the states…

We did not go out to defend the country so that the 38 unelected Czars could dictate national policy…

We supported and defended the Constitution,
the soul of America…

Armed Services Veterans are not the bad guys, but they are being portrayed as such. The professional politicians, controlled by their handlers, are, and they are drawing their battle lines right now.

They are scared as hell of the veterans.

What they are really messing their pants over is, “Generation Kill,” the nickname of the last generation of combat veterans from Iraq/Iran, the focus of their new homeland security warnings.

Their reports many times have sideline notes that the new veterans know how insurgency works, how roadside bombs work (beating heavy armor), along with the operation of modern weapons systems.

The problem is, actually, is that there are hundreds of thousands of armed services veterans that know that THE USA WAS FOUNDED AS A REPUBLIC UNDER GOD.

America was not born as a socialist country, a green movement experiment, communist manifesto reading while sipping a mocha, or a American Nazi style fascist resort, it WAS A REPUBLIC.

Sometimes, I wonder if they quit teaching history completely, or switched to history according to the wanted outcomes of some other agenda.

How long is it going to take for 85% of the people or more (hey, 15% would not fight anything unless they had been without food or a few days), to wakeup?

Don’t they see that we are being taken down the same path as the Argentina Economic Collapse as orchestrated by Anglo bankers, the same ones that just got billions of your tax dollars? They are using the exact same playbook.

Run Argentina Economic Collapse on YOUTUBE and watch it, you can see the future of America, right there.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMLVMEQmhTQ is the link to the first of eight or so parts if you have the time in your busy schedule.

The Firearm Owners…
…are part of the Bayonet Lobby. Many times also veterans, are some of those also noted as potential terrorists, fall into the Bayonet Lobby.

Along with their Veteran siblings, they also have been labeled as potential threats to the federal government, a plethora of different anti-firearm bills, regulations and treaties in the works to begin wearing them down.

The firearm owners, (and the veterans), are very Pro-Second Amendment People.

The veterans have seen what happens in person when only the bad guys have firearms, and the firearm owners know that if the citizens are disarmed, all of the other amendments go out the window with it quite quickly.

What the The Firearm Owners are: Law abiding, “quiet” gun owners that buy a gun, sit it next to the nightstand in a lockbox and go about life. They literally help to prevent crime due to the criminals wondering if the person in the house they are considering hitting armed.

Many times law enforcement centered if not law enforcement officers. Cops, Sheriffs and other LEO’s are not terrorists, and take persons rights so seriously, they put their lives on the line each day to stem the efforts of the US’s hundreds of divisions (10k each), of habitual criminals that would rob, rape and pillage without the cops on the beat each day.
They are hunters that have hunted for generations upon generations in the great outdoors.

They are Target, Tactical and Olympic Shooters who continually improve their shooting skills at area ranges.

These are not terrorists!!!

They did not fly the jets into the high rises, and yet, again, they are put on a cross section of warning lists as a trait of a potential risk.

If it was not for the private ownership of guns, I don’t know what would take out the core of America first, the gangs, a corrupt federal government (if you can imagine that), or other “big fish” that wanted to swallow the country up.

Those American citizens that think that the federal government of the USA should adhere to the outline of the federal government as provided by the Constitution, that aren’t veterans or gun owners were kind of lump summed as CONSTITUTIONALISTS.

I can recall a official government report that noted that if a person had RON PAUL or Constitution based bumper stickers, they were of course, more likely to be a threat to the government as a whole.


Why would the federal government vilify the Veterans (of which I am), the gun owners (of which I am), and all of the people that believe that the God Given rights within the Constitution is what the federal government should be held to instead of a globalist, elite controlled fiscal quagmire?

It’s because they are afraid of us.

Boooo. They jumped, but you couldn’t see it.

Is it because your dad use to teach insurgents all over the world, and now he has no job, his retirement account cleaned out by the fiscal downfall of the USA, and now his grandkids are in elementary school with a government transitioning to something other than a Republic?


Is it because they are taking us towards a British style of Orwellian CCTV system cameras everywhere (the British are even having people put remotely monitored cameras in their homes for new parents), electronic eavesdropping and computerized monitoring of all subjects, I mean, citizens, with them doing a test city in Chicago in regard to the above, and know the gun owners would never go for that?


Is it because the “old” constitutionalists, are some of the last Americans that have learned classical American history, and are the last “old guard” to what was sacred in regard to the governance of America?


This is what I hold to be true:


Veterans, gun owners, law enforcement, 2nd Amendment people and constitutionalists are always welcome at my BBQ’s.

How to fix the recent wrongs:
Apparently Homeland Security needs to be completely “re-structured.” Our borders, if they were any more open, would just have mannequins at the southern border. I don’t think that they can say terrorist anymore either.

I really enjoy seeing them patting down 85 year old grandmothers and rifling thru their 21 year old purse. If it wasn’t for those 15 grandmothers that flew those jets on 9/11, the country would be a better place to live.

Veterans, Gun Owners, Law Enforcement and Constitutionalists should never be singled out for future harassment by the federal government. If there were two armed veterans on each of the planes involved in 9/11, maybe 4,000 more Americans would be alive now.

Ever think of that?

Veterans, Gun Owners and local Law Enforcement Officers are actually what stands between the American citizens and the jackboot of the proposed and growing, 680k person private police force, “as strong, well trained and armed as the US Military” that is to be directed by the executive office of the President.

What, you didn’t know about that?

You had better…


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