Homeless Shelter
No Easy Solutions for the Homeless


Our main city public library, once a great place to take your kids, read books, and do research, is now the home to 300 or so career homeless, mostly dirty, stinky, males that sit at just about every possible table, and really stank up the public library.

Now yes, there are going to be thousands of “new homeless” coming on the horizon with 15,000 or so area families receiving pink slips over the last year or so (conservative estimate), but there is this

Brigade of Career Homeless, mostly men, that just live the homeless life.

This isn’t just a Wichita problem, it’s a USA problem.


Wichita: Home of The Smartest
Homeless Men in the World

You walk into a glass enclosed internet room, and whooooa, the musk wave that you hit is worse than anything that I have smelled in the sickest of locker rooms.
You could bottle it up and use it instead of pepper spray mace.

A college teacher at WSU said that if we built a really nice, state of the art homeless shelter for 1500 people, that 5000 would show up from around the nation.

“When we had jobs,” prior to a year or so ago, most of them had not worked for years.

When I went to college from 87-90, I saw the same guys that I am seeing walking “the homeless guy trail,” from the shelter in the morning, to the library for the day, and then a cafeteria style diner at night, then to the shelter.

“Career Homeless Men”

Not to hurt the feelings of social workers out there, working the streets each day with the severely, persistently mentally ill that are out there, and those with other malady’s and conditions that prevent them from working and earning enough of a living to stay out of “the shelter life,”
I am talking about the men out there, that are not SPMI, or challenged, that just plain enjoy not having a job, being able to work the system each day, so they can just sit around and do nothing, day, after day, after day, after day, at the expense of the taxpayers.

Is it a job?

Is it like being a modern day hobo, just riding the rails, getting the best food each day in the morning, chillin out at the library, surfing the internet, reading some books, eating a giant dinner and then racking out on a cot at a area shelter, then repeating?

Are they getting over on the rat race that all of the rest of us are on each day?

Do they just not buy into the entire, “have to work to contribute to society to eat thing.”

What did this style of person do in 1895?

Did these style of people have jobs, and get up and work each day, or did they live off of the 1895 era citizens taxpaying teat.

Was the start of the welfare state, and welfare addition in its different forms, started at the onset of

The New Deal that caused this entire career field?

With the cuts in state funding due to a overall huge loss of manufacturing jobs, and the power that those jobs bring to the USA, will the trickledown effect be that these guys end up getting a couple of jobs and become self sufficient.
They seem to be walking fine.

They are very, very well read.

They could easily run a buffer, or answer a phone and type, but, they don’t.

I have seen them surf the internet like any high speed 15 year old, so they can operate a computer and type.

They have use of their arms.

Why were they so addicted to the handouts of society for so many years, to where they could not kick their addiction?

Did American society “when we had money to spare,” addict them by providing them a nice place to say, great meals, and a place to go play at all day.

Well, the new budgets across the nation, are going to have a ton of “tough love” for the career homeless males.

We may be closer to 1895 than it seems.

Enjoy the free ride while you can fellas, I have a feeling that the train is about to run out of taxpayer cash flow steam.


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