When professional federal politicians are trying to manipulate the perception of a law, regulation or other legal offensive against the people of the US, they get fancy names, in which, I move that they be called the effect they are going to have.

Official Name: “NAFTA” or North American Free Trade Agreement
It’s plain speak name would be:
“This Will Send Our Good Paying Manufacturing Jos Overseas and South of the Border Agreement” killing a huge percentage of our manufacturing jobs agreement.
Anyone recall who the hatchet man was during the CLINTON ADMINSTRATION was (other than Hillary), Al Gore.

The Clintons later tossed Al Gore the green movement like a Pitt Bull swallowing a newborn kitten, and boy has he ran with it. Have you seen the news articles where it notes that he has personally made over 1B on it, (that’s Billon dollars), on the grand hoax?

Following NAFTA, the Ford company, invested 9 billion dollars in Northern Mexico. Billion. Think of that when you are getting that Ford truck. Americans get paid 10x the amount of a worker in Mexico that can be exploited.

ROSS PEROT, the guy heckled as a funny little man by many, said that it would cost Americans millions of jobs.

How to fight NAFTA:
As States, pass laws that cancel NAFTA and ensure that all of the elements of our manufacturing come back to the USA.

What we are undoing is the damage done by the CLINTONISTAS, AL GORE, and the others signed it into law. All of the “American” companies that whine or quibble about not being able to import items anymore, and the cost to move their industrial tools back to the USA… fudge em.
Submit legislation repealing NAFTA at the federal level. is a really great video on NAFTA.

The problem that I have with it, is all of the PROFESSIONAL CAREER POLITICIANS saying that they were fooled, but they are not doing anything about it, apparently.

This is a link to 8 parts on the NAFTA debate between Al Gore (for NAFTA), and Ross Perot (warning America that we would be de-industrialized as quickly as the CEOs could act):

Almost the same rhetoric now is being spewed by Al Gore in regard to Cap and Trade, which will be, if not stopped, the nails in the coffin of the US economy.


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