The Pitchfork Lobby…

Much like the entire Bayonet Lobby backing candidates like myself across the USA, you have The

Pitchfork Lobby kicking in, that is about 200x larger than the entire Bayonet Lobby crowd.
The Pitchfork Lobby are those that have been or face extreme economical hardship due to the intentional crashing of the US economy.

They are the ones that got fired, laid off sounding so, well, soft, that have no jobs for going on a year to a year and a half now. The harder that they have been hit, the madder, and more determined they are.

They are the ones where BOTH parents have been laid off, the three kids wondering if they are going to be able to be able to get supplies for school, much less any money for anything else.

They are the ones that lost almost their entire retirement savings, and there is not enough time to build a “new life savings” up, and will never be able to retire now.

They are the ones that took a job paying 30% less than the job that they got laid off from, that are now severely underemployed, just trying to fiscally hold on to the fiscally sinking USS America.

They are the taxpayers that have just been strapped with a 27 trillion dollar bill by the Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal Government.

Hundreds, and hundreds and hundreds of thousands turned into millions of families in the USA that have been destroyed by the “downturn in the economy.”

It makes me want to vomit with all of the examples of newly, never homeless before, homeless families, living in cars, shelters and even tents.

American families, who one year ago, had a place to live and two working parents, now with no working parents, living in a freaking tent.


Many are so mad, that they want more than just a tea party…

Here is a great video from a guy from North Carolina watching the national TV networks during the fall…


The Pitchfork Lobby Tends To Hate

Career Professional Politicians: If you thought it was hard to walk the streets before the fall as a recognizable professional politician, try it in a few months.

Government Corruption and Waste: The Federal Reserve Bank refusing to tell the Federal Government where 500 billion went to, and not caring about it at all.

The Jobs Being Sent to Mexico and Overseas: Creation of NAFTA and Free Trade China sucked out production lines right out of the USA.

The Hail Mary

The pitchfork lobby has to use what cash it does have left, running on empty, you have to put up a Hail Mary pass, a political pass, verses a football pass.

You have to have normal people run for office, and you have to do it now. Not in the next election, or the one after that, you have to do it right now.

You have to have them run for city offices…

You have to have them run for school boards…

You have to have them run for county positions…

You have to have them run for state positions…

And you have to even send them to the integrity furnace that is the Federal Government Positions, and you have to help them stay clean, stay focused, and do what is right for the people vs. the corporations.

You have to find a presidential candidate outside the left/right control puppet show, and have them win, and then, begin to quickly unscrew the legislation from specifically the early 90’s, to now that has de-industrialized America.

Your freedom and way of life depend upon it…

No big deal, right?… Its just your kids future


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