THE CRUSHER... It dosent sleep, bleed, weep or care.


Right now, you are paying for a computer geek with weapons engineering knowledge, to design a better robot to kill your kids.

Yep, and I can prove it, right here, all with your tax money.

Skynet is the term used in The Terminator series to describe robots that became self aware, and went to war vs. humans.

Well, the military industrial complex in the USA is now designing almost the same items, with fiscal support from the US Military.

The problem is that these units can be hacked, their technology copied or stolen by foreign countries, and wala, you have version 3.0 in your front yard 15 years later hacking up your black lab.

THE CRUSHER: A rolling 6 wheeled killing machine.

This is a super smart vehicle that can literally crush you to death, hence THE CRUSHER, but don’t worry, if you have some range on it, it has a robotically mounted gun and long range camera on it to kill you.
BIG DOG: Boston dynamics robot with four legs, can traverse just about any kind of terrain.

They always show the supply version of it. The problem is when the directed machine gun is mounted on it instead of packs, that should draw your attention most..


Foster-Miller SWORDS TALON: Just think of it as a tank about the size of a large child’s wagon, that has a machine gun on it.

It is only 200 lbs, and with a “view” of what is going on via a remote camera, a computer program can then manage the unit, which is essentially remote robotics.


Heurai Mini Flying Helicopter w/Shotgun: If you can only imagine getting hit with a group of these, or smaller variants with handgun style loads firing at you, controlled, again, by remote view, which means, if a computer can “see” a image, it can fly it remotely.

Here is a handgun version of something similar to it from another company:


So anyway, we have these guys spending so much of our hard earned money on robots to kill things, again, my main concern, is that technology being utilized against citizens and soldiers of the USA.
The MQ9-REAPER is a huge UAV that is the size of an A-10 attack aircraft, and is remotely piloted.

Just recall, again, that this killing machine is currently remotely piloted, which means, that somewhere a group of computer programmers are working on a program to fly it using a robotic computer flight program.


Q?: OK NOW MAN, NOW WE ARE TALKING ABOUT ROBOTS AND CRAP, what does this have to do with anything in the USA?

I think that we have a huge ethics problem when you have any weapon system that can kill humans without requiring a human.



A smaller circle of individuals can control a “flying circus” of these robots vs. having humans do the same thing. I actually want humans in control of WAR, and not robots, but just call me chivalrous.

We will never know how much of our money is going towards this style of weapons due to black ops spending costs being blocked out to people that don’t matter, like citizens and the senate.

From 1776 to 1947, the senate knew what was being spent on what in regard to all military spending.

The only thing that I want pulling triggers on firearms en-masse are Americans, not some kind of flying, tracked or even worse, human like walking robots.


Who in 1975 would ever think that something like this would be a debate issue of sorts?



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