Working Americans Are Sick of Welfare

The Entitlement Class: are those American citizens that feel like they should get a check in the mailbox each month from the government to pay for just about everything in their life.

Many of them are 3rd, 4th and 5th generation Entitlement addicted individuals that can’t see that the glass is half full, just as half empty, so helping them, getting them off of public assistance in its many forms, is going to be a very hard habit for them to break.

They are going to be downright pissed off that the free entitlement checks are going to slow down to a stop over time. Maybe we sell the right to A&E to cover the en masse Intervention and make some cash for the government for a change?

An intervention, for fyi’s, is where a group of people have to sit, many times, a drug addict down, and tell them, “hey, you have to clean up or you are not going to make it.”

The Working Class, the cluster of lower and middle class people that tend to work the 40-80 plus hour work week to support the Entitlement Class, have, from what I can tell, pretty much had it with them.

Now, we, the Working Class dogs, can’t afford their antics anymore, and have to, literally have to attack every way that they drain our fiscal and other related resources.

There is not an abundance of taxpayer cash anymore to pay for someone’s 4th through 6th illegitimate children anymore, it’s gone, and likely won’t be back for quite some time.

There are a series of articles here in regard to Entitlement Class Reforms, in which, many times, they are tied to the War on Crime, or Drugs, or whatever the media calls it this week.


Voting Conflict of Interest and
Entitlement Programs

If you have been continually on a entitlement program for the last five, six, ten years, should you be able to vote?
A citizen noted that the problem with the politicians using more MORE ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS AS A BAIT AND SWITCH LURE, are that the people that abuse the heack out of the programs, “just vote in more politicians that will give them the most free shit,” in which he then hit something with a baseball bat to visually display his apparent aggravation.

Until 1913, the state legislatures actually voted on and sent who they thought would best represent the states in the federal government.

Did you know that?

Was there a reason that the founding fathers did that?

As we need less and less entitlement programs, politicians that promise more and more types of entitlement programs should be removed from office via the voting booth.

IF XYZ GETS ELECTED… is the video of Peggy Joseph, who infamously said, if Obama gets elected, she won’t have to worry about her Mortgage, gasoline if she helps Obama, he is going to help her.

I wonder how that is going.



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