Next Stop: Total Control of the Internet

Assaults on the Last Bastian of the 1st Amendment are on like Donkey Kong.

The free internet is the absolute last remaining pillar of the 1st Amendment.

The last venue that we have is a free internet.

Like an enemy testing the defenses of a castle, they are testing us each month in regard to public reaction to press releases on reducing the flow of information, or better yet, shaping it to meet their needs.

Yes, there are wackos and videos of cute kittens playing with each other on the internet, but the most important element of the internet is bias free news, specifically news in regard to what is going on with our federal government.

Chumming the Public Mind with a Orchestrated, Controlled Corporate Media

TV Cable Network News
Really incredible things may have occurred in the US Senate that day, but, they cover Brittany Spears not wearing underwear and stepping out of a car.

The head of the UN may have just written a paper on the globalization and taxing of the US into the ground by various unlawful treaties, and the news media reports on a squirrel that can surf.

They all really don’t investigate anything. They just take the chum thrown to them and spit it up all over us.

The Acorn Example Federal Voter Fraud/Rico Case from 2008

I have noticed a complete lack of investigative reporting on THOUSANDS OF VOTER REGISTRATIONS AND ADVANCED VOTING that occurred across the nation.

One would think that having a valid election process would be important to the news media.

Acorn, who supported Obama in Lake County Indiana alone had 5,000 fraudulent voter registrations, (in which you just advance vote by mail), with half of them all being written in the same hand, many of them in the name of dead people.

The Obama campaign donated $800,000 to Acorn to “help get the vote out.”

Where are the follow up investigations across the USA?

Where is the federal news media?

Luckily, the head council for the Obama 2008 campaign is, none other, than Eric Holder.

There is no news media coverage because if all of the cases of fraud were brought to bear, the actual election itself would come into question.

Where are the local county attorneys in regard to proceeding forward in regard to proceeding forward and investigating the overall effect of having no independent investigation at this point.

5,000 false registrations per county (off the estimate from the one), x 3,141 counties would be…only 15,705,000 potential fraudulent poplar votes.

The spread between the candidates poplar vote wise, was 9,522,083 votes.

35,000 of them were submitted to the Kansas board of Elections in Kansas City alone.

Great job Acorn.

Why even have a false election, and have to pay for it, when you can just not have one, and save the money?

Forged signatures, false names, and still unknown how many of them were mailed in.

This idea was thrown out to the national media to see how the public felt in 2009.

What they are trying to do to you, is buy out the remaining free press newspapers in the USA and bend light, again, in regard to what is going on in the world.


Just when you thought it could not get any worse.