Sniper Training
Your 13 Year Old With 128 x 600 plus Meter Kills

Utilization of Military Computer Sims to Condition,

Train and Recruit Your Children

Those of you that were lucky enough, or unlucky enough to be around in 1984, there was a movie called The Last Starfighter, in which, the premise was that a video game measured how good of a space fighter pilot that you could be, and drafted a few of the best players into service.

Now there is a entire generation of ultra realistic, current state of the world style, huge military simulator programs running on servers around the world, and millions, upon millions, of users, many of them being our teens in the USA.

Now there are around 10 or so ultra realistic military simulators that are about 100x better than what we even had as simulators while on active duty a ten years ago, right now, that anyone can play.

One of them is an extension of a game, called Battlefield 3, with the ultra realistic programmers making an expansion package called Project Reality.
It teaches so much in regard to infantry tactics, fighting vs. both insurgents and heavily armored modern military forces, it is indeed a simulator and not a game by any standard.

Just go to youtube and run Project Reality Battlefield 2 and you will be astonished. Here is a link to listen to two fifteen year olds working as a sniper team, making quite difficult shots at 650 meters plus.

Q?: Well, big freakin deal. So what, some programmers made a ultra realistic game..who cares? What is on tv honey?

A: Well, actually, some of those games are used for recruiting your kids into the system.

Variants of some of those computer programs are used to train active duty soldiers with they are so advanced.

Battlefield 2, in 2005, had sold 6 million copies, and when you take into account likely another 2-3million sold through 2010, and the hacked versions, you have a ton of users.

ARMA, had 4 million registered users in 2004.

The Three Sides of the Coin

Did you invite this vampire in?

We have the US Military recruiting and entraining (part entertainment, part trianing), our kids via the huge gaming systems.

What do you think about that?

Do you think that your tax money should be going to see how well a 13 year old can perform as a sniper, or a medic, or a tank driver?

From the millions and millions of users, we now have the US Military using that information to recruit young users via the gaming system along with MILLIONS OF AMERICANS that have practiced for hundreds and hundreds of hours light, medium and heavy military operations.

When in the late 70’s you had a 13 year old playing COMBAT on the ATARI 2600 vs another kid, you now have your 13 year old with two years of experience under their belt, being an accomplished sniper, with 892 confirmed kills vs. other human players in a playing environment that is as close to realty as it can possibly be.

More than half of shooting is having the right “eye” for what is going on around you, and picking your shots and doing all that you can to keep from being killed.

These programs are doing that, every single hour, of every single day.

They develop a long range shooters eye very, very well.

Now given, the 13 year old of 1973 was in better shape from being outside so much more of the time vs. now, but the teens these days that have used these programs for hundreds upon thousands of hours, has gone through hundreds of shootouts with other humans, something mentally you can’t simulate without either this style of programs or running through military style training.

Sometimes when you can “look over” a shootout of sorts with 64 others involved in the same city, and you can hear the young voices via the internet, one video on youtube with a 9 year old,
…you know that anyone that would actually invade us would be royally screwed if these millions upon millions of teens and young adults armed themselves with the real weapons.
Essentially, we have these millions of sim vets with no perception of true death, pain and dismemberment that is present in war.

Death and Dismemberment
The third side of the coin is, the actual side of the coin, you guessed it, is suffering, agony and death on the battlefield.

This is a topic that none of these programs never really proper cover.

They don’t simulate what it is like to be wounded, or have an eye knocked out due to shrapnel, or have your right shoulder knocked off by a rocket propelled grenade that hit you in your humvee.

You don’t see your buddy missing his left arm at the elbow with a rope around his bicep, and the left leg missing at the mid thigh, part of his face ripped off by the flooring of the humvee that was blown 5 feet in the air by the IED.

You don’t hear the cries for home.

Your character does not just lay there gurgling in its own blood for seemingly forever before dying.

Your character does not get burned until you can’t figure out if it was a male or a female and then stuck in a burn ward at Walter Reed while even other soldiers have trouble looking at you.

I think that this function needs to be built into these new, ultra realistic, actually training and evaluation, “games” that are no game at all.



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