Guns, Firearms and Weapons Guide Book for Americans

Saving America: Balkanization, Division, and Destruction of the USA

Maytag Man Charges for Public Safety Responses

Beslan Style School Shootings

Guns, Firearms and Weapons Guide Book for Americans

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Hi, my name is Tyler Dillon, and I have a question for you,

Is your life worth a Big Mac Meal?

I just finished a book called, Guns, Firearms and Weapons Guide Book for Americans, daily survival tactics and strategy – survive everything from urban predators and gang warfare to nuclear war, shtf and zombie apocalypse attack… that is on amazon right now, at the cost of a big mac meal for the ebook version.

Every single day, in America, completely innocent, good upstanding citizens, that are downright great people, children, teenagers, adults and seniors are murdered by something that is currently called an Urban Predator. 

This book is to help good people, with real full time jobs, and families, teenagers and kids, and older parents, most of us with limited budgets, to survive in modern America as it stands, right now.

Using the core principles of great coaching, instruction and training, we work to develop core citizen survival skills, verses the current  main threats, and make our way outward.

We then, continue to cover a cross section of much more, formidable, and indeed horrific events, from nuclear warfare, bio-genetic warfare, and a cross section of weapons that many of you have never heard of before.  

This book, could indeed, save your family members lives someday.

If you have a child or a teenager now, like I do, this book can definitely help them to survive not only if things stay the same, but if we have a major even that forever changes life as we knew it in America.

Think of it as a, “when really bad things happen to good people, life preserver” of sorts. 

I priced the ebook on Amazon at 5.89, the total local cost of a Big Mac Meal.

Would you give up a Big Mac Meal to help you to better understand  how to survive vs. the Urban Predators that are out on today’s mean streets?

This book is a collection of 38 years of the study of not only firearms, and other weapons, tactics and strategies, conflict styles, along with escape and survival skills.

When you view this work as a 6×9 inch style book, this work is over 500 pages.  I designed it to be a bit of an Odyssey, a Journey for Your Mind, to get you and your children, family and friends, literally ready to handle everything. 

 Need to design a great home alarm system setup… got it covered.

Attacked by four suspects in your home… got it covered.

Attacked while walking to your car at work… got it covered.

26 gang members attacking your family in public…got it covered.

Cat burglar sneaking along the outside of your house… got it covered.

Your teenager is at home alone, with five pedators kicking your door down… got it covered.

The nuclear attack sirens just went off… got it covered.


I will cover a lot of weapons, and event styles, that many of you have never heard of before.    

I want the best outcome for America.

I want the best for my kids, and you kids.

I also want every good American that there is out there, to be safer in the long run.

Well, we are back at point A. 

Is your life worth a Big Mac Meal?

Will you buy the book?

I would wish you good luck, but luck, has nothing to do with it.


tylerdillon @ December 6, 2012

Saving America: Balkanization, Division, and Destruction of the USA

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From Tyler Dillon

Saving America: Balkanization, Division, and Destruction of the USA

Every single day, there are people, most of them not from this nation, work on how to Balkanize (divide up), and gradually destroy the almost every positive element of the United States of America. I know that it is hard to think of why, why would a person overseas, or even amongst us, work to gradually chip away, to divide up, and gradually destroy the light that the United States has been for the world, with most of you being from the USA.

They destroy it, because they don’t want “it,” they picked a new way to manage people, or many times what are called sheeple, because at times,the Americans, have been a major pain the side for the people that really run the world, or literally own money, through a central national bank, that own and run the world, not to be confused with the elected national officials of the world.

They successfully Balkanize the USA by turning all of its elements against each other, in every single day, in every single way. They turn the middle class against the lower class, the races against each other, male vs. female, religion vs. religion, along with about 100 other sub divisions of America against each other.

They destroy our businesses with a complete quagmire of taxes, rules and regulations to obey, with almost no laws ever taken off the book that are, what the layperson would define as, completely stupid laws. There are two versions of America, what you were brought up thinking it was, and what it is, in its layers of taxes, upon taxes, upon taxes, much like a suffocating layer cake.

We , the actual people of the United States, are divided up, many times, by the national news media (TV, RADIO, corporate internet), which is of course, owned by the American Federal Reserve Bank owners, to manage you, and your life, cradle to grave, every single day. The Federal Reserve Bank, is not federal, or reserve or a bank, it is a printing press, of sorts, that prints the cash for the USA, in which, we then pay them the face value for the cash along with interest.

The Federal Reserve Bank of the USA was chartered (started), in London England, (yes, England), and yet, you will not find that in any history books. The Federal Reserve Bank of the USA reports to the IBS, or International Bank of Settlements in Switzerland, in which, you should of course know that its nickname is “The Nazi Bank,” being instrumental in the escape of thousands of German Nazis after World War Two.

The Federal Reserve Bank system was pushed through congress two days before Christmas in 1913, in which, there were not enough votes to pass it with our representatives there. They, the privately owned FRB, hijacked out country fiscally, and if you own money, you own power and control, and literally, the future of the USA, and indeed the world.

The people that own money, your money, literally, want you to buy into the fact that someone else is getting more of your tax money. They want you to think that the farmers get too much in aid each year. They want you to think that the poor, or welfare class now, are going through your tax dollars like burning cash in a barrel.
The truth is, is that the system put in place by the families that own the Federal Reserve Bank now:

Still charges you the worth of a printed bill (masse counterfeiting)

Stole 140 trillion during the 2008 fiscal crisis and never got in trouble at all, in fact, they completely took over the entire DC system.

They are still able to destabilize fiscally the USA as nation if you start to rise up.

Through hundreds of layers of taxes each day, in which, you actually make about 35% of your income, the rest goes to “hidden” taxes in regard to what you purchase.

The tax money that is collected, if not sent directly to the Federal Reserve Bank, it is consumed by companies that those families own, through a series of corporations that are set up, to further suck out your tax dollars.

My name is Tyler Dillon, and at 45 years old, and I come from a middle class background.

My parents being retired now, my father a strength coach, my mother an administrative assistant at the local zoo.

I understand what really happened to the United States, behind all of the layers of treason, lies, individual murders and piles of hundreds of thousands dead Americans from November 1963 to present.

We, as a nation, must legally fire, which is our right to, The Federal Reserve Bank. It has been a giant Bernie Madoff scheme of sorts, in which, the USA, is about to hit its 100th year of true foreign rule due to it.

What must we do? We are mere normal, everyday Americans, with kids, and real jobs, and commitments to attend to, how can we legally fire the Federal Reserve Bank.

I came up with this acronym, a mere citizen from Kansas. TAIA, or terminate, asset freeze, investigate and asset seize.

Terminate – Legally the Federal Reserve Banks contract to print money.

Asset Freeze – All assets owned by the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank. You can buy a lot of things when the entire nation is your fiscal   slave.

Investigate – Dig deeper in their network to identify their additional hidden assets.

Asset Seize – Seize all of those identified assets. Just like 284 Bernie Madoffs, you just have to sort them out.

This is a counter fiscal coupe (control), of the United States that would put the Americans back in control.

What can I do, I am a truck driver from Freeport?

How do I help, I work as a graphic artist in Eugene?

I am a grandpa from Houston, what can I possibly do?

On every single level, in regard to elected officials, school board, city, county, state and DC, they must all be measured in regard to their willingness to TAIA, or Terminate, Asset Freeze, Investigate and Asset Seize the Federal Reserve Bank.

The first thing, the most important thing, on every single agenda, for every elected body, is to regain control of America.

Every single person that you send to DC, must be for the termination, asset freeze, investigation and asset seizure of the Federal Reserve Bank.

There is no other issue more important than TAIA-FRB, in fact, the FRB will use their media outlets to try to prevent anyone coming to DC that is for it.

States must make their stand against the Federal Reserve Bank, and terminate the Federal Reserve Bank, in which the houses and governors of those states must make a stand. All states must bring the continued employment of the Federal Reserve Bank for the cash for their states to an overt vote.

Individual cities and counties drown by Federal Reserve Bank policies 1913 to present, must pass legislation against the use of the Federal Reserve Bank as a contractor to manage and literally own money for the entire USA.

I am 45, and I have two children, a mortgage, student loans, two gassy bassets and one American mutt. I am not going to leave my children a United States that has been destroyed for them to raise their children in, in which, with the current horrific trajectory of balkanization, division and destruction, America 2048, will not be America anymore, unless we, as individuals, make our stand. Sitting and yelling at the TV just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Most of us have to continue our 50-60 hour a week jobs, but here is some initial brain storming on what we, as a the mass, can do vs. the Federal Reserve Banks absolute fiscal rule of you and your children’s future.

We must educate all Americans in regard to TAIA-FRB.

Understand that there is no “debt,” it is all fictitious, and indeed made up, created by the Federal Reserve Bank to bleed America dry fiscally.

If you can run for office, are you are not a politician, run.

Contact and profile every single person representing you, from school board to DC politicians, and put them in two piles.

A. The elected officials that will introduce, support and force the voting on the termination, asset freeze, investigation and asset seizure of the Federal Reserve Bank.

B. Those that will not, that you will promptly legally fire them.

Some people still read the newspaper. Write your own article on why it is important for your community to promote the termination, asset freeze, investigation and asset seizure of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Post entries on your facebook, web pages and email lists, send out articles, and write articles yourself, on the TAIA-FRB.

Do YouTube videos on why it is important for the USA to legally terminate the Federal Reserve Bank from your point of view.

Go speak at a city council, county commission or school board meeting, and introduce legislation against the continued use of the Federal

Reserve Bank not only by DC, but within your city and states.

Make a list of the top 100 area local grass roots reporters for your area, and help them understand how the Federal Reserve Bank took control of the USA, and their role in the world, specifically November 1963 to present. They have quite a reach.

Get out, and talk to your neighbors, and encourage them to learn more about the current system that is in place.

We, the non-politicians must run for office, on all tickets, republican, democrat, independent, libertarian, you name it, to TAIA-FRB.

Remove from office, from every position, both elected and governmental employee wise, all of those that are against the legal termination of the Federal Reserve Bank.

This entry, could easily be 300 pages, but this is just an introduction, to what the American citizens can do, to free themselves, literally from slavery, giving the money you work for to people that do not care about you at all, that are in fact destroying your nation, from a little kid, that grew up in Kansas.

No, I didn’t fall out of the Kansas sky within a meteor.

Yes, I have flown at high speed tree top level, not with a cape on, but with a patch on, the 101st Airborne Division.

I am not superhuman, I am but one man, but I will legally fight them.

We, the Americans, must legally fight them in the cities, where the citizens live.

We, the Americans, must legally fight them in the counties where the crops are grown, oil drilled, the coal mined and the trains and semi’s roll along.

We, the Americans, must legally fight them in DC, where they are in a state of horrific absolute level of control.

Right now, Hillary Clinton D-NWO, is working feverishly on her 2016 campaign, which isn’t about Democrat or Republican, or middle class or poor, black or white, or any other new division of America, it is about Elitist Federal Reserve Bank Enforcers vs. the Americans.

I look forward to defeating any representative of the Federal Reserve Bank, in Iowa, in Arkansas, in North Carolina, and all of the other states in the union.

We must heal the manmade divisions of America, and focus on the real enemy.

I am running against them, every, single day, in every single way that I can.

Please help me make a better America for our children.

We have no other choice, freedom, or slavery.



Tyler Benjamin Dillon



tylerdillon @ November 21, 2012

Maytag Man Charges for Public Safety Responses

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Bill The Bad Guys 95/hr Per Field Unit

In many cities around the USA, each city will have businesses that look the other way when illegal activities are going on, all of the time, because they are making money off of it, but when one thing goes wrong, they want the police out to clean up the mess.

This then happens, again, and again, and again ,and again, and again, and again, well, you get the point. The problem is, that during every “and again,” those police officers, EMS/Fire or other responders are:

Not able to make a call to save your butt because they are stuck there on yet another drunk, drug, prostitution or other related case.

This then ends up costing you millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars due to additional cases, assaults, murders, drug dealing, etc… Divvying up the Cash.

These locations, many of them seedy motels, bars and other related drug dealing locations, make hand over fist money on the drug dealers that are working out of the location, so, why not start hitting them where it hurts, in the pocketbook.


Going Elliott Ness On Them

Start billing businesses that let drug dealers, drunks, pimps and pushers for any response to their location. The message is, is that you have to clean up your clientele, or, you are going to be billed 95/hr for each police officer that ends up out there. For each response out to your location, at the time of the call, with a literal Visa account on file for identified “high problem business” locations, or lose their occupancy/business license.

Bill the businesses that for 10-20 plus years, have ran drugs and other crime syndicate style operations, and been a huge drain on the taxpayers coffers, if they don’t change immediately.


Teen Hits Highway Sign From Moving Truck

The 11,734 Idiots Looking For Their Village

 Don’t forget them in your city.

These are the guys that get a few beers in them, and cheap shot someone (punch them), a stranger in the jaw, breaking the strangers jaw and causing a bar fight with 8 officers having to respond to it to now shut down a larger bar fight, along with the EMS and FIRE response. Bill that guy.

Bill him for the 8 officers at 95/hr for each hour that they are there. EMS billing should be made out to the suspect also, not the victim. FIRE should also bill him for the unit that had to respond with the police unit at 95/hr per firefighter.

IF, the police helicopter has to get involved, like the suspect sucker punched the guy, got into a bigger fight in the parking lot, and went on a 2 block DUI drive with 2 officers trying to stop him along with the helicopter, bill the 700/hr that it takes to keep that thing in the air to him. Impound his vehicle, and hold it until the total is paid.

If he can’t pay the bill in a week, and can’t get his vehicle out of impound, auction it.

Then garnish his paycheck until paid. Then repeat, on each moron that really stands out in a crowd, the ones that thinks it’s funny to hurt people.

If you use Maytag Man Billing, you have billing, not related to the punishments related to the court process, for each involving “strangers hurting citizens.”

Until your city smacks down the businesses that are making money on your areas drug dealers and the “true idiots” within your city, they will just continue to victimize you and your fellow citizens.

tylerdillon @ December 16, 2011

Beslan Style School Shootings

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Beslan Gym with Plastic Explosives Everywhere


For Our Kids Sake When I ask people what the word “Beslan” means to them, they have said, “well, nothing” in regard to the 50 or so that I have asked over the last month.

When I then ask them, “what does Beslan and School” means, they still don’t have any ideas.

Beslan to you should mean 334 kids, school teachers and parents killed by Sufi Muslims, with the start of the hostage crisis starting 1 September 2004 in Russia.

Seven hundred and fifty plus were wounded in the crossfire and related explosions.

The Muslims hit the school with 32 “ninja turtle” hostage takers. Ninja turtles are bad guys that are wearing body armor, Kevlar helmets many times along with assault rifles (they had AK’s). They also brought explosives, and when they took over the school: The Muslim terrorists killed most of the adult males in the half hour of the four day long hostage crisis.

They thrive on controlling women and children during the hostage phase, (and then kill them when the cameras are rolling).

The Muslims refused to give children water. In the end, many of them were dying of dehydration, hallucinating in a blazing hot gym area, packed in there like pigs, some of them surviving from drinking from pools of urine on the floor.

They killed women and children without hesitation. When the start of the takedown was perceived by the hostage takers, they had no problems pulling detonating explosives that had been placed throughout the school, with the focus on the gym.


Hundreds of Dead Kids at Beslan

Hundreds of Dead Kids at the Parking lot in Beslan

Team B

Team B is the nickname of a group of federal counter terrorists that think and wargame vs. potential terrorist efforts in the USA. They have to be very, very concerned about

this style of operation occurring in the USA. We have the three main elements that went into Beslan: Muslim terrorism training camps operating in the USA No shortage of terrorism 101 trained foreigners in the USA Very evil men and women that could care less about life, much less our children’s life It is very reasonable to expect the same thing to happen here, possibly across ten schools at a time, as discussed on a news channel in passing last summer in case you missed it.

The talked about the effect that it would have on the USA with so many hundreds of children killed, (Beslan was an elementary school), in which, the attackers goals would be to: Have Americans pull their kids out of public and private schools.

Reduce the production and income of American families with a parent staying home that could not be fiscally afforded. Cause the establishment of security measures for our schools that would fiscally cost so much, it would be quite a tax burden upon the American people.

Cause the USA to have a country wide, knee jerk hate response vs. Muslims. They want us to force the remaining “peaceful” Muslims over to the side of the terrorists.

Right after that would occur in the USA, the rednecks would burn everything down that looked like a mosque, falling right into the trap of the terrorists. CNN would have more video rolling of mosques burning in the USA than the shock and awe hours of the Iraq War.

What Is Your Areas Beslan Shooters Response Plan?

The entire Los Angeles Police Department choked, absolutely choked, on TWO ninja turtles…TWO.

What would have happened if they were hit with 32 of them?

One of the LAPD’s suspects killed himself, and the other was cut down after trying to change vehicles, but not killed (he died later due to bleeding out due to multiple hits below the waist below his body armor).

When they hit a school in your state, what will your law enforcement agencies be able to do?

After the Columbine school shootings, most Police/Fire/EMS departments developed plans to respond to that style of emergency, with one or two or three shooters, but what about 32 (or more)?

I wanted to start a discussion with this entry.

I don’t have all the answers, but, WHEN it happens, when they hit one of our schools, or major public events with what is essentially a platoon or two of heavily armed suspects, what will we do?

Here are some observations from studying Beslan, active shooters and other mass shooting cases in the USA:

If you wait for the Cavalry hours later, they will be dug in too well and come close to killing everyone.

Officers out on the road should have quick access to a .308 style patrol rifle and a crash bag with additional tactical body armor that they can throw over their daily use vest, a helmet and a tactical bag full of magazines that they can toss over a shoulder in seconds.

Each hour you wait, more “good guys” dead bodies falling out windows.

Tactically all shotguns do to ninja turtles is let them know where to turn and shoot at.

When going against heavy tactical body armor, .223 or 5.56 of the M-16/AR-15 family just won’t cut it. You need to have green tip ammo in specially marked magazines available for the officers.

Your handgun is the weapon that you use until you can get to your trunk or remove your rifle out of its holder in the front seat of the patrol car.

NEVER, EVER, EVER take a handgun to a high caliber, heavy body armor based gunfight. Your single and to five shooter active shooter response plans must include scenarios with 20-40 active shooters.

You are failing you community if you don’t.

Have a school district wide plan, and shopping mall plan, etc, for the evacuation of the kids from the area to secondary locations, and from those secondary locations, to evacuate them further from the area, quickly, very quickly.

During the Austin Clock TowerShooter when a very skilled mentally ill ex-Marine was sniping persons at very long ranges, (he killed 14 and wounded another 32 others on August 1, 1966), the call went out on the public radio to avoid the area due to snipers.

TEXANS RESPONDED WITH THEIR RIFLES, as you can see on newsreels of the incident.

The parameter roads to the tower had citizens engaging the sniper with very heavy caliber scoped hunting rifles and military surplus rifles, keeping the sniper pinned much of the time, parts of the tower literally exploding due to the continual firepower hitting his location until he was killed.

In The End Teach your kids about incidents alike Beslan.

If you hide stuff like that from them, it will only make them more unable to process what is happing during the situation if it starts to occur.

I talk to my nine year old about it, and let her know what to do if something like that occurs.

Personally, I always like knowing what’s going on around me without a filter called the news media. I keep a rechargeable scanner that covers the police activity for my kids school and whatever area that I am in.

If something like Beslan goes down in my area, I will be one of the first to know.

If a Beslan style team hits one of my areas schools, I know what I will do.

Do you know what you would do in case something like that occurred at your child’s school or school district?

When something like that happens, is not a time to plan.

The time to plan, is now.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, but hope alone won’t save your kids,its up to you.

tylerdillon @ December 16, 2011

Reducing Deadly Police Vehicle Pursuits

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Vehicle Pursuit Car Accident

Vehicle Pursuit Related Accident – No Easy Answers


Ever watched a two hour video of a police vehicle pursuit and wanted to throw a brick through your TV screen?

When the felons find out what your areas law enforcement officers can and can’t do locally, they then skirt around the rules as much as they can, many of them sticking the accelerator to the floor, so to speak, so that police officers will end up having to cancel the pursuit. There is no easy answers.

No cost free answers.

The police are sick of it.

Will the person that you disregard the pursuit on, go and kill a child a week later, (it has happened).

Will the person that you don’t disregard a pursuit on a theft of a skateboard, that ends up running into a family of 19 in their short bus, killing all of them at the scene?

New Vehicle Pursuit Laws

When the person being stopped by a police officer, with the overhead lights going on, they have to know, with no doubt at all, that





Change the law, and put it right out there.

Let everyone know in regard to criminals being body slammed by the law.

Again, what we are doing, is reducing the likelihood of vehicle pursuits along with knocking the wheels out from under, many times, the drug dealers wheels, their transportation.

What citizens have to realize, is that the moron leading the police on a 65mph vehicle pursuit through a residential area is as deadly as a person doing a drive-by, for the vehicle is a weapon.

There are additional steps that can be taken to help shorten the length of vehicle pursuits. Tire spikes in all patrol vehicles Push bumpers on larger four door pickup trucks utilized as patrol squads specifically to stop ongoing vehicle pursuits.

Additional laws must also be put in place that protect the individual officers, city and county law enforcement agencies vs. criminal and civil attacks following vehicle pursuits.


tylerdillon @ December 16, 2011

National Security and Low to No Industrial Production Levels

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Harley War Motorcycle

Harley and America Went To War -- WW2 Motorcycle


When you compete with slave labor, you become a slave.

We have had our industrial production and manufacturing and other related ability to build/make/construct just about anything moved to Mexico or China, along with a few other countries, but mostly Mexico and China, in the pursuit of slave level cheap labor.

Historians note that in the 70′s, the Chinese version of managing people, social control, social engineering, was picked by top family members of “king” style families, and the jobs left and won’t be coming back without very dynamic, and corruption free, executive office level decision making.

What are some things that we can’t make for our entire population if needed due to wars of various types.

Clothing Prodution

If we have a “major fallout” with China effecting the pacific basin, suddenly, the clothing industry shipped there, and its flow of goods, stop. If suddenly all the clothing that is “for sale” at the stores across America was reduced to just that clothing MADE IN THE USA, what would you have, 5% of the stock, 3% or less?


Vehicles:  Many confused people think that “American” looking or even branded cars are made in the USA.

A friend said they wanted to get a good, American made car, like a PT Cruiser. I had the wretched task of telling her that would be great, but they are made in Toluca, Mexico. Daimler-Chrysler, (recalling that Daimler are those funny guys that made the trucks/war machine materials for the Nazis) that killed your grandfathers, have produced over 1 million PT cruisers in Mexico.  I wish they were called Toluca Cruisers.

The Second Layer of the Vehicle Manufacturing Cake You actually have a two tier problem.

We cannot now supply our need for new vehicles, alone within America for the civilian and commercial markets, but, on the second tier, we cannot quickly gear up our industrial base, which has been killed, shelled out, and buried, for wartime.

Many warfare planners when looking at modern warfare, will claim essentially that what you bring to the party, the onset of the war, is what you will have for the entire war, for wars are now won and lost in days, weeks, possibly a few months, and not years, or even, decades.

Q?: Man, what the heaack are you talkin’ about, gearing up for wartime man, we are at war right now Tyler?

We are not at TOTAL WORLD WAR now, we are performing an elongated policing action that includes counter-insurgency warfare, but, it is not unleashed TOTAL GLOBAL WARFARE on the scale of WW1 or WW2 respectively.

On 31 March 1945, the USA alone had 8,150,000 troops, and ended up with 91 combat divisions, (an entire list is here at this link),

http://www.historyshots.com/usarmy/ListDivisions.cfm?t=3&d=All so if we had to really mobilize and fight an elongated conventional war, we could not.

In 1945, the US had an estimated 132 million people, and we had 91 combat divisions.

If you carry it over to current day, with 315 million people, so, if we were at TOTAL GLOBAL WAR, and had the same percentage of combat divisions according to the population, we would have 217 combat divisions engaged vs. the enemy around the world.

Two hundred and seventeen combat divisions kicking butt and not taking any names. Right now, we have 10 (ten) combat divisions.

We could not fuel even the 1945 level of militarization because the car plant production capability, that during WW2 were converted into TANK, APC and heavy truck production, are gone now, and unless citizens start running the country instead of professional politicians.

The “good guys,” America, France, England and other supportive countries lost over 5 million soldiers dead, 12 million wounded and 4 million “missing” during WW1 from 1914-1918. What if we really square off with a cluster of countries that are hell bent on destroying the USA, and it goes global, but not nuclear, like many figure it will, again, we have this:


This book, is a pretty good book on how we have been sold out, covering the sale of nuclear blast resistant computer chips (they go on nuclear warheads (inbound) that are pointed at the USA by China), along with the sale of super computers to help build their national defense grid and clone, along with the fact that computerized valves of some sort from China actually control the flow of much of our public water supply.


It is so bad, I could not even make this up.

Is the war over, and we lost, but we just don’t know it yet?

tylerdillon @ December 16, 2011

Divorce Law Reform: Taking The Lawyers Out Of Your Pocketbook

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Divorce Costs

At 300-500 plus per hour..x 30 hrs

Across the USA, domestic violence, in all of its levels, are many times tied to either a divorce process or ongoing problems during an existing long term, divorce process. These long term, cash draining divorces, are great for lawyers, and horrid for families.

I am going to go out on a limb here, and estimate that 40-60% of the calls for city and county law enforcement are related to domestic violence, divorce and the after effects of divorce and of course, child custody battles.

Many times during a huge, drawn out, literally year to two year long divorce is involved, in which there are other benefits:

A plethora of law enforcement responses due to DV calls with the system holding two battling adults together.

Additional EMS/FIRE calls when 10-15 percent of them end up hurting or even killing each other

Additional domestic homicides and parentless kids

More kids exposed to more fighting with their parents

The newly single parent then also has thousands if not tens of thousands of legal bills due to just the civil court costs and attorney fees.

Additional bankruptcies due to elongated divorces

The criminal court system gets jammed up with additional domestic battery cases that would possibly not happened if the divorce had been quickly executed and completed.

Right now, many times, a person currently that “does not want” to divorce the person that filed the divorce in court, can draw out the divorce process close to a year and a half with professional filibustering.

Just think of a really slow moving divorce as having your thigh bone slowly broken over 45 minutes of having a vice break it, when what we need, is a swift, quick break that just took a ¼ second.

Right now, from what I have seen, you go down and file, and then a couple of weeks later, the other person gets served, and then the fight is on in court for 6—12–18 months to even get anything finalized, then, after that, it is a Hungarian badger fight each month over everything.

The Marriage DMV

Think of a marriage license, as a license. How about this idea…

A spouse wants to get a divorce, so they go down to family court, literally walk up, with their state ID (drivers license or photo id), and are given a sheet to sign off noting that they are doing this of their free will, and sign it, giving it to the clerk.

The clerk then goes into the computer, and shifts you and your spouse into SINGLE status, for how are now DIVORCED, and it changes the status of your EX spouse to DIVORCED in the computer.
There isn’t any bickering over if you are going to get DIVORCED

You are divorced…
No foot dragging…
No more year long fiscal nightmare…
A good, clean break…

Yes, you have to work out all the finalities in regard to EVERYTHING, but the fact that you are now DIVORCED, and not being held together by the court system, would be such a relief to the overall system.
So, you went down, and got your divorce after having to wait 20 minutes in line, and now, you are ready for the second part, the MOVING TRUCK with two off duty peace officers. You then go with them, having paid the 400 or so dollar fee for the two officers and the truck, and move out in six hours.


Child Custody
The child custody schedule has to be worked out with your mediator, and fun stuff like that, but, the “clean break” style first ½ of the divorce would prevent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of domestic violence calls across the nation EACH DAY.

It’s not that unreasonable.

It’s not rocket science.

tylerdillon @ December 15, 2011

Men Who Stare At Infants And Rape Them : Rethinking Punishment for Child Rapists

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Rethinking Child Rape Punishment

Now tell me again why we quit hanging child rapists??

I am actually kind of surprised how many times a month a infant is raped by an adult male…a 3 day old to a 3 (three) month old baby being raped by an adult male over 18, many times 35-45 years old.

“Well, that likely only happens once or twice a year in the state” some may say, but they are dead wrong.

It makes me wonder…

“What is the social value for keeping these guys around??”

I could not think of any.

We don’t need them for the workforce.

We don’t need them around our kids.

We don’t need them working with our family members.

I personally don’t think that the death penalty is excessive punishment for a baby rapist.

If you were on a initial committee on revamping the punishment laws for the rapes of babies, children and teens in for your state and worded it like this, and asked for input via the internet in which one entry per IP address (computer), could be added, I would bet a dime that hanging/firing squad and other forms of instant death would come up quite often.

Put it out for a statewide request for input on the internet…

“An adult found guilty of raping a baby or child, born through age 12, shall…
A. Be sentenced to five years in prison
B. Be put on probation for five years and go to rehabilitation classes
C. Be sentenced to a mandatory 20 years in prison
D. Be sentenced to a mandatory HARD 60 years in prison.
E. Be sentenced to death.

If they get five years, they are going to be out on the streets in 3-4 years and then back on the prowl.

Probation for five years is nothing and going through the motions in a “its bad to rape babies” class would still have a sexual predator on the loose.

20 years, if he is 22, he will get out and rape again.

60 years in prison, he may die in prison.

Dead baby and child rapists don’t re-offend.

They Are Out There Every Day

They Are Out There Every Day...

The White Panel Van Man

Sexual predators are out there, each day, watching your kids.

Hunting your kids, driving around, watching what your kids are doing, trying to find that one kid that walks home alone, is a bit weaker than the others, or has to walk quite a ways home.

Reports of these scumbags trying to get kids happen all of the time, again. They use props.. the found puppy, candy, etc… anything they can do to get your kid just a bit closer to their vehicle.

Short of having to teach your six year old Silat Suffian Bela Diri (speed kills of a larger opponent with a knife), we have to really start again, knocking the wheels out from underneath them, because this is warfare.

They want your kids.

We want to protect our kids.

Many of them will be driving in the area of children getting out of school, nude from the waist down masturbating while driving.

Many of them drive what Navy Seals would call “snatch and grab” friendly vehicles, the classical large van, and other vehicles, but it could indeed by any car that your child gets pulled into by a child rapist.

The Answer: Total Warfare vs. Child Rapists

There are two kinds of child rapists.

The ones that have been caught and the ones that are out there, like sharks patrolling the waters around schools, literally, each day.


A Sick Logo Associated w/Pedos

Here are some ideas that I think would help in the fight. Please email me any ideas that you have in regard to this topic.

Take their cars and all driving privileges away. Knock their transportation out from underneath them by passing law that states “if an adult is found guilty of rape of a newborn through a 13 year old, that person shall automatically loose their drivers license in the state of Kansas FOR LIFE, their ability to own a vehicle in KANSAS for life along with ability to work in any job that would give them access to children (as outlined later).

Q?: Well, I realized that the guy raped the neighbors 5 year old a few years ago, but he has to be able to drive to work, you know??? (someone in the group would say it out of 100 people).
A: Well, actually, he does not.

He does not have to drive at all.

In fact, he can’t drive at work. He can’t be the ice cream man, or the newspaper delivery man (had a really bad rape case where a child was raped by a person delivering newspaper adds in the afternoon) by jerking a kid on skates in their driveway and raping her in his station wagon.

They don’t have to drive.

They shouldn’t drive at all. Its like giving a person the keys to a vehicle, that has been identified as a child rapist, and letting him have at it. They can’t have “to and from work” limited drivers licenses, because they can’t be trusted at all, at all with a vehicle.

Child rapists, and indeed everyone, does not have the right to drive. Americans think of it as a right of passage, in which, it kind of is as a teen maturing into an adult, but not if you are going to rape kids, sorry.

Jerk all of their drivers licenses now, for all child rapists, and then also enforce the no vehicle ownership portion, with them having no ownership to any vehicle.

Don’t Worry Man, You Can Borrow My Car

Any person guilty of letting them use their vehicle to go out and about, to horse around, cruise by a elementary school, and get stopped for failing to signal, or something parallel to that…

The car gets impounded and sold, the profits going to non-profits that help the victims of child rape.

The owner of the car looses their driver’s license and ability to own a vehicle for a year in Kansas.

The get charged with ACCESSORY TO LET A CHILD RAPIST DRIVE MOTOR VEHICLE WHILE UNATTENDED , which would be on our state law books, and get additional punitive costs and loss of freedom.

If any existing pedophiles think that the laws in Kansas are just to rough on them, please, feel free to move to another state and be transferred into their sexual predator tracking system.

#2: Four Paragraphs of Information on each PEDO on the website

On many websites where you can lookup the areas child rapists, it will just have one line of four or five words on the charge title, ie: Agg Ind Lib With Child, and not much else.

To a layperson, they know something there was really wrong, and this person is on the list, but, what actually happened?

Why is this person on this list?

What would you rather have on the guy that lives on the house on the other side of your north neighbor?

Four words in regard to a charge title vs. even 2-4 paragraphs. I think that everyone deserves 3-4 paragraphs of what these bastards are doing to our kids.


“In June of 1988, John Doe, while cursing the parking lot of XYZ Elementary, snatched and grabbed a 8 year old, then transported that 8 year old into the country and raped the child, kicking it out of the car, thinking that the child could not identify him.

During the commotion of kicking the child out of the car, Mr John Does work id fell on the ground adjacent to the crime scene, unbeknownst to him. 40 minutes later, a farmer cutting out some brush saw the 8 year old walking nude next to the road, and walked to the scene as he was on his cell phone, seeing the ID on the beaten ground where the suspects vehicle had been.

Officers then responded to John Does residence, in which, the suspect, car description and description of a large birthmark on his chest area matched exactly with the 8 year old victim. Shortly after Mr Doe was taken into custody at Jr’s Bar near his home, claiming he knew nothing about what the officers were talking about.

Lab results from the skin under the 8 year olds finger nails and the rape kit on the child confirmed that the suspect was Mr. John Doe, in which he plead no contest to charges”

That paints a much more vivid picture of what you have living next door than, AGG IND LIB CHILD or something like that for a civilian.

No More Discounts Available

You can’t discount this entry on what happened.

The suspect can’t claim to his neighbors or co-workers that he is “wrongly on the sexual predator list because he was 17 and had sex with his 15 year old girlfriend and got “wrangled” onto the list for life.
Every single state should have at a minimum of four paragraphs on the WORST THING THAT THE SUSPECT HAS DONE. The title of the charge that landed them on the list is just not good enough.

Right on their Kansas ID card, because they can’t get a drivers license under the proposed changes, would have CHILD RAPIST in 14 point red writing right on the front of it. Can’t miss that. Kinda jumps out at your eyes. Even hardcore career felons hate pedos.

They are required by law to carry that ID card every time that they are outside of their homes, becoming a card carrying PEDO, so to speak.


When you start to have a sexual predator work an area, looking for a kid, you have two ways to go as a decision maker. A, you include the teachers and admin to be on the lookout and assign additional available resources to the school police officer wise (if you have any), or B, you blow them up… you tell everyone.

Tell the parents…
Tell the kids…
Tell the beat officers…
Tell the firefighters for the area…
Tell everyone.

If you are looking for a canary yellow GMC Pacer with a White male, huge bushy gray beard, dirty looking that wears a lime green shirt, put that out. Someone is going to spot that vehicle for you, especially if you work well with area radio stations.


Population 739,853 Americans

So, we have enough people to fill all of Charlotte NC with just child sexual predators that have been IDENTIFIED.. and with only ohhhhhh.. 30% of them ID’d, how many do we have out there still.. hmmmm… 2,466,176 out there…or possilby a bit less…or more.

If you look at the “work” created each day by the 739k that are not in prison, re offending, injuring children, again, I wonder about their worth out there among the free.

tylerdillon @ December 15, 2011

Fighting Drunk and Meth Fueled Zombies : Maytag Man Billing

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Across America, one of the biggest problems in regard to EMS/FIRE/POLICE calls are people that literally, can’t handle their liquor, cocaine and meth.
Alcohol involvement is present in around 70-80% of the calls for emergency help, and the problem is,

Some examples are:

“Mikey is fine as long as he hasn’t been drinkin, then, he always starts hitting everyone” (weekly DV calls)

“Arthur Stanley, 48 of Squallor Hallow KS, was charged today with his 6th DUI after side swiping a train he didn’t see”

“LaRhonda is all drunk again and just cut three people at the thanksgiving dinner”

“There are these seven homeless guys down here, drunk again, one just took a #2 next to the library (in front of the kids going to a school event).

The same names, the same people, again, and again, and again, and again, and what the miracle is, is that nobody seems to know how to, not solve the problem, but to even begin to curve the problem, to start trying to effect the problem. Then nothing changes, but people still complain that nothing has changed.

The No Alcohol Contact Order

What if, on drunken disturbances, the drunk people involved that are causing the problems at the scene, are specifically identified and given a No Alcohol Contact Order that are ok’d by a Judge, (man, that would be a big line at first), in which, their STATE DRIVERS



Some more examples:

When they get popped for DUI, or driving while under the influence, you get put on the ALOCHOL RESTRAINING ORDER list for a year along with their driver’s license being revoked.
If you are on public assistance, you are on the list. If you have to use our hard working tax dollars to buy your dinner, you don’t need to be getting drunk or acting a fool in the club.

Both male and female are drunk and have a DV call at their house after trashing the place and both being arrested, straight to the Alcohol Restraining Order list.

37 year old mother of five is spending much of her time drunk and complaints from family members in regard to her not feeding her kids, little things like that…right on the no drinking list.

First DUI, no drinking/clubbing for a year.

Second DUI, five years on the NO ALOCHOL LIST. Feel free to move, far, far away.

Third DUI or more, lifetime gold membership on the list with no way to get off the No Alcohol list in Kansas. If you are in DUI revoked status for your license, you can’t legally own a car.
Crack and METH UI in your bloodstream while in the drivers seat, you have an express program straight to NO DRIVING FOR 5 YEARS IN KANSAS.
Some people noted that they thought I was being too hard on drunks, and that people that really enjoy drinking and drunk driving/beating up “good citizens” would likely leave the state if they were on the “Platinum Level” of the no alcohol list.

Go Ahead, Keep Messin Up, I Triple Dog Dare Yea

So, we have a person on the Alcohol Restraining Order List, and they just keep drinking. They get caught in a club drinking, not drunk, or fighting, but they are on the no drinking list, just disobeying the Alcohol Restraining Order.
We then, as noted above, take it to the next step.

If you were put on the restraining order for 1 year, it goes straight to 5 years, if you were on the 5 year roster, you go right to the banned list for clubs/alcohol for life.



If the ID has NO DRIVING in red 14 point text on the top of the ID, you had better not let the person use your vehicle, it may be the last time that you see your vehicle if you let a drunk or meth head take it out for a spin.

You have to think of a car with a drunk or revoked driver as a weapon.

The message is that if you hand a person the keys to your car with a revoked license, you are handing a person a loaded weapon, and that weapon, is your vehicle. If they are stopped or otherwise caught driving it, the vehicle will be taken away from them, because you are apparently not mature enough to manage the responsibility of owning a vehicle.

ALWAYS CARD YOUR VEHICLES DRIVER, is the message, just like getting into a bar or club. It only takes a second, and, again, if it says NO DRIVING in red text at the top of it, guess what, NO DRIVING.

Limited driving licenses would be done away with, either you are cleared to drive or not. Drunks just abuse the smack out of that entire system.


Benefits of Letting Revoked Drivers Take Your Vehicle for a Spin

Owning a vehicle is not a right covered in the constitution. If you let a drunk or otherwise banned from driving person use your vehicle because theirs was taken away (their drivers license and indeed ability to own a vehicle), the enabler then:

Has their vehicle impounded at the site of the traffic stop or arrest, pending further investigation.

If it is found that you let them use the vehicle, it is sold at auction to lawful citizens and the proceeds go to a fund to help those hurt/injured by drunk and unlicensed drivers. If you failed to CARD THEM, making sure they had a good DL on their person, it’s your fault.

Own it.

You then have your license revoked in for one year for the first offense of letting a person take that 5,000 lb weapon out. Second offense, two years suspended. Third offense, and you are on the lifetime no drivers license list.

Q?: Isn’t that fine a bit, stiff, a bit mean to drunk and revoked drivers and the like just keep driving, and driving, and driving on a revoked or those that just let Drunk Chuck take their car to the store?

Ever seen a mother and child sucked under the wheel well of a 2002 Ford Explorer that hit them, stringing them out for a few hundred yards in a school zone going 75 while they were just trying to cross the road?

That’s why we are doing this.

You have to think of the Corps of Drunk, Drugged and Revoked Drivers like a organized force, ID them better, and disarm them, taking away their vehicles, and if need be, if they just won’t stop, their freedom.

Need to lookup someone in regard to are they revoked for your business or a friend or family member, the revoked Kansas drivers would be on a website just like the sex offenders. The drunk drivers are just as great of a threat to your children’s safety as the pedos.

It does not include the people that were killed on foot/bikes/etc.. that were killed like roadkill without a suspect being located or located a day later that turns themselves in, saying they were just too scared to stop at the time of the incident that are never “proven” to be drunk at the time of the accident.

It does not include the “crispy critters,” drunks that have died that are burned down to am unrecognizable “very hot fire” car crashes in which the person burns in it and is found later or in the morning.

Try working an accident with a parent and three kids dead in it that never made it out during a “very hot fire” in which, it almost always seems like the drunk driver is just fine somehow due to pure luck.

The bodies are like a gym rope of bacon, and if you are ever unlucky enough to smell it, you will never forget it.

If you had to sit thru autopsy photos of the 466 Kansans that were killed by drunks that we knew of in one year and around 5x the 466 killed that are horribly injured and disabled that year, you would have your pen out ready to change something, to really knock the wheels out from underneath drunk and drugged drivers.


Meth is some really, really, really bad stuff. Bad. Meth drivers, on meth or even transporting meth, would go straight to the 5 YEAR DRIVERS LICENSE, DRINKING AND BAR VISITATION GONE ON THE FIRST OFFENSE.

Driving while meth in our bloodstream, on the list.

Busted with Meth on your person while you are out and about, on the list.

Making meth at home after your neighbors call you in, on the list.

What we are trying to do, is knock the wheels out from under persons that are dealing meth to your kids along with taking vehicles.



Drunk and Drugged Cost Recovery Program

The first half of the program, as noted above, is to knock the wheels out from under the drunk and drugged drivers, to keep them from being behind the wheel.

The second half of it is to bill them for the problems that they specifically have caused, to reduce the tax burden on lawful, upstanding citizens that have been having to cover those costs.

The above program allows public safety to bill the responses to drunk and drug related calls at a reasonable rate per cost per responder. What does that mean?

You and your four buddies are drunk in your mobile home, and think it would be funny to just start fighting, and end up really fighting then, four officers having to respond to the scene, taking those four officers two hours to process you through jail and one of the drunks to the ER via ems.

The entire group gets their wages garnished (not to be confused with billed), for…
12 hours of police officers @ 90.00 per hour
2 hours for the two ems crewmen that responded at 300.00 per hour
2 hours for the firemen that first responded @ 90.00 per hour

The ER bill that drunks many times don’t pay for that then increases the cost of your health insurance.

That amount is then taken out of the groups wages until it is paid off.

Another example…

A drunk refuses to stop and has a drunken vehicle pursuit, side swiping two cars and crashing into an oak tree in a front yard of a house.

1 Bell Police Helicopter for a minimum of 1 hour: 1,000 dollars

The four police officers that were chasing them at @ 90.00 hr for the first hour, along with the two others that had to contact the owners of the hit cars for 1 hour.

The repair costs on all of the vehicles hit.

The 125 bucks to tow the vehicle to the impound lot.

The cost of everything, is totaled up at the end of the call, and put at the lower part of the initial report. The wages for that individual are then withheld until that amount is covered.

Essentially, we start billing them for the cost of the response and the damage, not even including the court and punitive costs, like the Maytag man as they cause problems.

That money brought in can then help reduce the tax burden on lawful citizens, which is what this overall work, is all about.

Isn’t that Prohibition, that didn’t work?

No. It isn’t prohibition, it’s a system to take the people that can’t handle their liquor, or drugs, and helping to keep them off the roads, like they are on, now.

tylerdillon @ December 15, 2011

The Career Homeless Man

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Homeless Shelter

No Easy Solutions for the Homeless


Our main city public library, once a great place to take your kids, read books, and do research, is now the home to 300 or so career homeless, mostly dirty, stinky, males that sit at just about every possible table, and really stank up the public library.

Now yes, there are going to be thousands of “new homeless” coming on the horizon with 15,000 or so area families receiving pink slips over the last year or so (conservative estimate), but there is this

Brigade of Career Homeless, mostly men, that just live the homeless life.

This isn’t just a Wichita problem, it’s a USA problem.


Wichita: Home of The Smartest
Homeless Men in the World

You walk into a glass enclosed internet room, and whooooa, the musk wave that you hit is worse than anything that I have smelled in the sickest of locker rooms.
You could bottle it up and use it instead of pepper spray mace.

A college teacher at WSU said that if we built a really nice, state of the art homeless shelter for 1500 people, that 5000 would show up from around the nation.

“When we had jobs,” prior to a year or so ago, most of them had not worked for years.

When I went to college from 87-90, I saw the same guys that I am seeing walking “the homeless guy trail,” from the shelter in the morning, to the library for the day, and then a cafeteria style diner at night, then to the shelter.

“Career Homeless Men”

Not to hurt the feelings of social workers out there, working the streets each day with the severely, persistently mentally ill that are out there, and those with other malady’s and conditions that prevent them from working and earning enough of a living to stay out of “the shelter life,”
I am talking about the men out there, that are not SPMI, or challenged, that just plain enjoy not having a job, being able to work the system each day, so they can just sit around and do nothing, day, after day, after day, after day, at the expense of the taxpayers.

Is it a job?

Is it like being a modern day hobo, just riding the rails, getting the best food each day in the morning, chillin out at the library, surfing the internet, reading some books, eating a giant dinner and then racking out on a cot at a area shelter, then repeating?

Are they getting over on the rat race that all of the rest of us are on each day?

Do they just not buy into the entire, “have to work to contribute to society to eat thing.”

What did this style of person do in 1895?

Did these style of people have jobs, and get up and work each day, or did they live off of the 1895 era citizens taxpaying teat.

Was the start of the welfare state, and welfare addition in its different forms, started at the onset of

The New Deal that caused this entire career field?

With the cuts in state funding due to a overall huge loss of manufacturing jobs, and the power that those jobs bring to the USA, will the trickledown effect be that these guys end up getting a couple of jobs and become self sufficient.
They seem to be walking fine.

They are very, very well read.

They could easily run a buffer, or answer a phone and type, but, they don’t.

I have seen them surf the internet like any high speed 15 year old, so they can operate a computer and type.

They have use of their arms.

Why were they so addicted to the handouts of society for so many years, to where they could not kick their addiction?

Did American society “when we had money to spare,” addict them by providing them a nice place to say, great meals, and a place to go play at all day.

Well, the new budgets across the nation, are going to have a ton of “tough love” for the career homeless males.

We may be closer to 1895 than it seems.

Enjoy the free ride while you can fellas, I have a feeling that the train is about to run out of taxpayer cash flow steam.

tylerdillon @ December 15, 2011